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The Music Killer


I've been looking over my shoulder ever since I saw this movie! Yikes!!

As I reviewed THE MUSIC KILLER, I knew that somewhere lurking in the shadows, Hitchcock, Serling and King were snickering at me as I peered up at the screen from beneath a theatre seat. Just you wait! The portrayal of The Music Killer by Justin Melick will have you crying for your mommy......

The Story Line....

According to Harlan Cross(The Killer), he didn't murder his wife, he simply corrected the mistake she had made. It seems that Mrs. Cross had committed sin with another man, a sin which had resulted in her being with child, a boy as it were. In his defense, Harlan politely explained to the judge that he had given Mrs. Cross every opportunity to repent of her wrong doing. He was perfectly willing to forgive her indiscretion if she would dispose of the evidence which she refused to do. At that point, his duty as he saw it, was to rectify the matter by eliminating Mrs. Cross.

For six years Harlan practiced being the perfect patient at the Institute for the Criminally Insane. His proud doctor proclaimed Harlan to be the foremost example of institutional rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, Bobby Soul, a drugged out rock & soul guitarist was being helped back into the land of the living by a kindly Pastor. One day while picking guitar in front of the church, a lost and damaged boy wanders into the yard. Bobby discovers that the boy dreams of being a great guitarist. Bobby takes the lad under his wing as it were then introduces the boy to the Pastor, who readily becomes the boy's foster father.

The years of rehabilitation at the Institute had only reinforced Harlan's commitment to correct mistakes. Not his, the ones other people make. His primary agenda was to find and correct the mistake his wife had produced with that..other man. And those who would stand in his way are also transgressors and must therefore be corrected.

In movie THE MUSIC KILLER, Harlan is apparently shot to death by a county constable. During his correction spree, Harlan has killed a mother of two whose car he stole, his own mother, the foster father of the lost and wayward boy and now seeks to kill the boy himself. Thank God, Harlan is finally dead.

The dilemma.

The body of The Music Killer mysteriously disappeared and to date, has not been located. I fear that Harlan's commitment to correct his dearly departed wife's mistake supercedes death and the grave. For that reason, I fear for my own life if I should reveal to you anymore than I already have.

THE MUSIC KILLER is a Dianne Partain Movie, a Luke's Cabbage Store Production. I can tell you about the boy in the movie. The "boy" now fourteen, plays guitar in the Luke's Cabbage Store Band. His name is Nick. When I told him that the movie had made me start to look over my shoulder, he smiled slightly and said. "You should"......YIKES!!!

THE MUSIC KILLER is a movie but I don't think anyone was acting. I only HOPE they were.... I made a note of their names..or at least who they "claim" to be. Jarred Mimbs as The Constable. Daryl Williams as Bobby Soul. Mellie Miller as The Doctor. Dawn Ledford as the all too happy Social Worker. Edward Weems as The Pastor. Constance Glover as The Grandmother. Patti Meredith as The Killer's Mommy. Adara Steele as The Hot Daughter. Brian Williams as Tommy Sweet. Dianne Partain as The Woman. Justin Melick as The Music Killer and introducing Jon Krakeel as Bryce...and Matthew Jennings as Nick "The Boy". Orginal music by Luke's Cabbage Store and other questionable characters.


The DVD is being examined by certain law enforcement agencies to determine if any actual crimes were commited during the making of this movie. When or if it becomes available WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. For more info contact:

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By Show Time on December 06, 2008 at 07:05 am

What's this?!  A rating?!  Why?  It's a MOVIE REVIEW.. The opinion of one insane reveiewer!  How do you rate an opinion?  This is America jerkoff!!  Don't you get it..YET?   Opinions can't be RATED as if they were beef or something.  Opinions must be mulled,  pondered and contemplated...and then you go "hmmmmmm..interesting"..  See retard,   going, "hmmmmmmm..interesting"...will pass for intelligence.  When you go "hmmmmmm..interesting"...people won't know you're stupid.  Try it sometime.  Find a, not the one at your 12 step program.  I'm referring to an art or poet group.   Then at precisely the right moment,  you go,  "hmmmmm...interesting"..  They'll think you're actually one of them!!  They won't know that you're one of those little pointy nose, narrow minded squeaks who rates other people's opinions.   The advice is FREE.  You'll thank me later!  ShowTime.

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By Deacon DeVille on December 06, 2008 at 11:32 am

Way to go ShowTime...Can't wait to see the movie.  I've heard Lukes Cabbage Store many times.  I didn't know they were in the movie business though.  Well why not.. All I can say is if their movies are as great as their music,  I REALLY can't wait to see it.   As for those pointy nose,  narrow minded jerks who feel it their duty to "rate" other people's opinions,  I have two words for ya... Can't say 'em, but I'm thinking 'em..   DD

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By Bad Little Boi on December 06, 2008 at 12:52 pm

The Music Killer.  Let me see if I can guess.  Nick is The Music the Killer is trying to kill???  Subtle selection of a title.   I checked up on the band.  You guys are totally out of it.  I love it because I am too. 

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