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Terrorists Killed And Hostages Rescued In Mumbai.

by Seema Upadhyay (writer), Mumbai, November 29, 2008


Pakistan involved in the Mumbai bomb blasts.Hostages rescued from Taj,Oberoi hotel and Nariman house.

The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh pinned blame on militant groups based in India's neighbours, usually an allusion to old rival Pakistan.

 Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee was more explicit and said that "Preliminary evidence, prima facie evidence, indicates elements with links to Pakistan are involved,"

 He urged Pakistan to dismantle the infrastructure that supports militants.

Pakistan has denied involvement and condemned the attacks. It has also offered full cooperation in fighting terrorism.

Operation Mumbai continued till late night on friday and the death toll has increased to 175, out of which 8 are foreign nationals and more than 376 people (22 foreigners) were injured so far.

Today various intelligence agencies succeeded in rescuing hostages from from Nariman house; one NSG Commando was killed and two were injured in the operation while killing two terrorists; whereas five hostages were found dead.

90 people were rescued from Oberoi (Trident) hotel and 30 dead bodies were recovered, out of these three were Germans, two Japanese, one Australian and two were unidentified. Mr.Ashok Kapur, promoter of Yes Bank, was found dead by the NSG team in the hotel.

DIG - NSG- J.K Dutta informed the media that"The NSG Commandos recovered credit cards of various banks like ICICI, HSBC, Citibank, AXIS, USD 1200 and INR 4640 along with an identity card of Mauritius nationality from the slain terrorists. they also found 4 bags of grenades, one AK-47, 2 AK-75 and 700 rounds of bullets" 

The police cross examined one of the terrorist who tried to escape in the police van on wednesday. This terrorist is 21 yrs old Abu Ismail, a resident of Pakistan. Around 20 terrorists were trained in Pakistan occupied Kashmir by Lashkar, this training included not just usage of various arms and ammunition and combat but also swimming and  navigation of ship.They were given a CD which had all the blue prints of not just Taj and Oberoi Hotel, but also CST station and the VVIP areas in South Mumbai like Malabar Hill.

10 terrorists from Karachi left for Mumbai via the sea route with all the arms and ammunition including RDX, the sea route was mapped out by the 1993 bomb blast master mind terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, who is holed in Pakistan and is working in close nexus with ISI. 

This terrorist Abu Ismail and his accomplice reached Mumbai by a ship from Karachi and they hijacked a fisherman's boat in Gujarat and arrived in Mumbai's  fisherman colony at Colaba on wednesday 26th Nov'08, from there they headed to  CST station and opened fire at the people, their next destination was Cama hospital where they fired few rounds of bullet  and went to Metro Cinema.

They eloped in the police van from Metro cinema and killed three senior officers and were caught by the police at Girguam chowpatty. The other accomplice was killed in the police encounter whereas Abu Ismail was injured and arrested by the police and is currently undergoing interrogation, where he gave the above confession.

The last operation which continued for 59 hours  in Taj Mahal hotel where the commandos killed there terrorists.The Mumbai attack is said to be masterminded by Rehman who is a member of Laskar terrorist outfit. The NSG and Army have started sanitising both the hotels and are searching for the arms and ammunition.

All the schools, colleges and most of the offices in the city  were closed on friday and people preferred to stay in the safety of their homes rather than risk their lives by venturing out.

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