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Terrorist Attacks In Mumbai.

by Seema Upadhyay (writer), Mumbai, November 27, 2008

26/11 Terrorist attack in Mumbai continues

125 killed and more than 327 injured in the bomb blast and firing by the terrorist which still contines in Mumbai. So far there have been 27 bomb blasts in Taj and 20 blasts in Oberoi hotel. People are still inside Oberoi. The bomb blasts and the cross firing has been continous since past 25 hours.

A commercial building, Nariman Bhuvan in Nariman Point has terrorists holding two Israeli families as hostages since yesterday.

14  officers from Police department, Anti Terrorist Squad were killed since yesterday, while 9 terrorists were shot by the various law enforcement agencies. the terrorist also killed the General Manager of Taj Hotel, his wife and 3 children today in the evening.

The terrorists are Pakistanis, which was confirmed by the satellite phone found on a dead terrorist and also another satellite phone which fell outside Taj Mahal hotel when a terrorist hurled a grenade on the police in the evening today.. The terrorists made calls to Karachi, Pakistan before and after the bomb blasts and firing; which was confirmed by the law enforcement agencies from their call records.

Various law enforcement agencies like the Police, Anti Terrorist Squad Rapid Action Force, National Commandos, Military, etc have surrounded hotel Taj, Oberoi and also Nariman Bhuvan. The law enforcement agencies succeeded in entering hotel Taj, which has only few people who are locked inside their rooms.

Whereas in Hotel Oberoi, the terrorists have held atleast 25 hostages and are constantly hurling grenades and opening fire at the police forces. There is fire on the 17th and 18th floor of Oberoi hotel and its been difficult for the police to enter the hotel premises. A fire broke again late tonight in Taj Hotel, which was caused due to a grenade thrown by a terrorist inside the hotel. The various law enforcement agencies succeeded in killing all the terrorists inside Taj hotel tonite. 

Its been confirmed that on 12 th Nov'08, the terrorists abducted a boat- Matara, in Pobander, Gujarat  and entered Mumbai from the sea. They did recee of South Mumbai  on 18th Nov'08. The operation was named "Diwali" by the terrorists.

A foreign intelligence agency had informed RAW (Research Analysis Wing) and IB (Intelligence Bureau) in India about the possible terrorist strike in Mumbai; which in turn warned the various coastal agencies in different parts of India. Inspite of which the terrorists succeeded in entering Mumbai from the sea.

The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh has condemned the attack on the financial capital of India and in a statement issued to the press today; he said that strict actions would be taken against the neighbouring countries involved in the attacks and appealed to the citizens of India to maintain peace.

Among the many rescued from Taj Mahal Hotel were Dr. Prashant Mangeshikar, his wife and young daughter; who had gone to attend a wedding function there.  He and his family were rescued today in the morning at 9 am after being held up for 12 hours. According to Dr. Prashant Mangeshikar, "the hotel staff was very helpful and guided all the patrons towards safety and asked them to stay away from the windows and the chandeleirs in the ball room; but it was the worse 12 hours for his family".

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