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Food Mania In Mumbai

by Seema Upadhyay (writer), Mumbai, November 21, 2008

Crepes and More!!

I still remember my childhood when we would go shopping to buy clothes, shoes and accessories from different shops. Our shopping would always end either with pani puri, chaat or a sandwich. Now the times have changed; we no longer go to the market but head where our children want to shop; that is to the nearest mall.

The shopping is always followed by a visit to the gaming zone; a break at the food court and maybe end with the purchase of the favourite toy or an ice cream. It was Diwali vacation and being a mother; I headed to the nearest Mall. The food court of these malls simply amazes me. Every time I visit a food court in a mall; I come across a different cuisine; from a different Country. Yes after our Diwali shopping; we went to the food court. Being a family of foodies; my daughter took me to a food stall which was selling different types of Crepes; when I was thinking of treating them to McDonald’s happy meals. Yes even I have one not because I like burgers but for the free toys.

My husband asked me; is crepe not a fabric that you women use for your saris and dresses? I hushed him and went to the counter. Next I was questioned by my daughter about crepes. Without further embarrassment, I approached the man behind the counter; who brought Crepes to India; young Adith Podar, a banker by profession, who gave up his career to pursue his dreams. His versatile wife; Nishi Podhar helps him in this business. He told us that Crepes are thin, round, soft made up of flour batter; and are cooked in front of the customers. They can be had with anything sweet or any filling as per your taste.

When quipped as to why he left his lucrative career with ICICI bank, he said that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and followed his gut feeling. Going by the success of Crepeteria; which was evident by the young crowd waiting for their dessert crepes; I thought; if it wasn’t for Adith’s gut feel, we wouldn’t have tasted Crepes here in India.

Crepes are served in Europe, Japan, America, Australia and in other countries. History being my daughter’s favourite subject; she asked me the origin of Crepes.  A poor man’s staple diet can be a rich man’s delicacy. “Well Crepes originated in Brittany; which is in west of France. It originated at a time when there was a shortage of wheat flour in middle ages. Crepes; the authentic one of France were round cakes made by spreading  thin the batter of eggs, flour, butter on a hot griddle by a wooden rake”, Adith  replied showing us the ones made by the young chef behind the counter of Crepeteria.

The ones that are made in the mall was egg less; thus catering to all the segments. Their menu is vast; it depends whether you want to have Crepes with Italian or Mexican filling or with your favourite ice cream. My stomach was growling along with my tired feet. I decided to go for the meal crepes. The staff at the counter was very warm and were smiling; which was surely a surprise; unlike most of the counter staff who seemed to be too bored to care about their customers. They offer a variety in this whether you want Crepe Mexicano; that is mixed beans, salsa sauce topped with sour cream. If you feel like having your favourite Paneer Makhani then you can try the Crepe Mughalai. For chicken lovers there is Crepe Punjabi with chicken makani gravy. If you want Italian, opt for Crepe Italia; which is tomato and cheese with pasta sauce. I love spicy food so I opted for Crepe Sanghai which was fresh vegetables in Szechwan sauce topped with chimchi. It was surely crepetilious; it just melted in my mouth and the Szechwan sauce added the spicy tang with the fresh vegetables.

My daughter opted for the Crepe New York, which was smoked chicken with barbeque sauce and spring onions wrapped with the fresh Crepe. For the Mediterranean cuisine lovers they serve falafel balls with hummus topped with pickle vegetables wrapped with the fresh crepes. Crepe meals start from Rs.49/- for Crepizza and the most expensive is Crepe Italia, Crepe Punjabi and Crepe New York for Rs.79/- each.

Though the crepe meals were filling but there was space for desserts. We had Brownie fun; well one can’t go wrong with this. The brownie was topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce; delicately wrapped by a crepe. Well if you like the ice cream cone; I am sure you will relish the desserts at Crepeteria. The ice cream cone is little thick and is more like a biscuit that you have to chew, but these crepe desserts just melt in your mouth. There are five options to choose from the Swiss roll for Rs.49/- which is a Crepe with Swiss roll with strawberry jam and ice cream. I skipped that since I am not much of a jam lover and opted for Sinful Choco- which had chocolate mousse, nuts topped with vanilla ice cream and wrapped with crepe for Rs.79/-.

It was really a melting experience, quite sinful if you think of the calories consumed. The chocolate mousse was perfect and smooth. For the banana lovers, they serve Nutty Banana, which is crepe with fresh banana pieces, nuts and topped with butter scotch ice cream for Rs.59/-

Crepeteria also have Nutella Thrill, which is Nutella with ice cream, topped with you choice of sauce and wrapped with crepe for Rs.99/. The crepe meals and desserts are priced from Rs.49/- to Rs.99/- and is inclusive of all taxes. Crepeteria is present in malls across Mumbai like Mega Mall, Oberoi Mall and also at Has Juice in Bandra, Pali Hill.

Adith informed us that they are serving Healthy crepes for calorie conscious eaters at Bandra Crepeteria. The Healthy Crepe is crepe filled with veg coleslaw and lettuce; topped with croutons and Arabic Salad, which is a crepe filled with veg falafel balls, hummus, olives and lettuce.

My visit to Crepeteria was a gastronomic delight and I did stuff myself silly, the desserts win hands down, the crepe meals were delicious and sumptuous too.

So the next time you go the food court, try some crepes as they are crepelicous and real value for money.

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