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Behaving Badly On The London Underground

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, November 14, 2008

What goes on in the train carriages of the London Underground?

I have always been down with a cool temperament, even before an outburst I like to analyse the repercussions of my possible unnecessary outburst and chant to myself ‘Be cool,’ eventually succumbing into a passive state. So it is with great disturbance while travelling on the London underground last evening that I was increasingly perturbed by a couple behaving badly.

Now evenings on the London underground are always featuring gloomy office types returning home from work, talkative office types quite evidently heading to the pub, the all drowned in the evening freebie and sometimes purchased newspaper types hidden behind the paper and rarely letting the bored types get a glimpse of their faces, the ipod/mp3 types nodding and dancing to music and the wanderers staring at the adverts, eyeing people up and down. I often feature in at least three or more of these varieties but it depends on the kind of day I have had or been having.

London, yesterday was quite rainy and dark, I had ventured to the opposite side of my current loci and was secretly regretting my late departure as I missed my scheduled train. When I eventually got onto the train, it was serene, the London underground was featuring quiet types, silent and nodding off as the train was winding up and down the rails. Our unruffled state was quickly broken up by a couple who from my silent analysis seemed to be either seeking a grand entrance or quick and publicity in the very least. The woman quickly sat on the man and they went on to display their kissing skills and making such intimate noise, I reached out for my headphones, its amazing when one is in love, the sight of lovers always brings a smile to one’s face but all my mind was hammering to, was the sounds that were muffled by my inability to say them; “Get a room.”

Attention seekers often start at low tempo like an orchestra about to go in full gear but needing to brace its audience before it introduces them to the height of the event. And like that, our couple started arguing, the woman slapped the man, the man started screaming and pushing the woman, by this time the train was filling up, as people tried to interject, the man sent the good intentioned passengers a torrid of insults. The couple then hugged and seemed to make up, then the man started acting out some sexual stances and actions while the woman was egging him on, I did say I was wearing my headphones didnt I? but I didn’t say I wasn't looking. During that time, I said a silent prayer and hoped there were no children in our carriage.

The man then went on to accuse the passengers seated and standing near him that they had stolen his phone. He continued ranting and raving like a man possessed. During this time, some passengers moved to my end of the carriage visually seemingly put off by this couple. I thought of our mayor, Boris Johnson who banned alcohol on the underground and I wondered if that in itself is sufficient if seemingly intoxicated/restless people disturb the peace of citizens using the London Underground.

Fortunately, favour won the day, the restless couple exited the train in a flurry of activity, I even thought the coppers had escorted them off…and I returned to the soothing sounds of my classical music while the carriage inhabitants that had vacated the area surrounding the couple returned to their seats…and the drone of the friendly voice on the speaker phone; “There is a good service on the London Underground,” reminded me that even amid chaos there is a lot that goes unnoticed by the London Underground staff.

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