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Emergency Exit

by Show Time (writer), Muir...wherever that is. It was a dream., November 06, 2008


Use it now or you'll be sorry!

Before you read this article, I should first warn you that it is a departure from the norm, or at least what mainstream society considers normal. It is my opinion and I have evidence to support it, that the concept of "normal" should be permanently banished. In fact I'll go one step further. The word itself should be removed from the dictionary. Why? Because there is no such thing as "normal" and there never has been. The word and concept of normal, was created by a few impossibly boring people who sought to distinguish themselves from you and I by declaring themselves to be "normal". To them I can only say....well I can't say it but at this very moment, I'm holding one finger in the air! Let me change focus with a new paragraph. The editor insists I use them, although I fail to see the point. (The editor probably thinks he/she is normal..very funny.)

Reality! For most people it sets in way too soon in life. Reality is the biggest thief in the universe. As a child, you would pretend, imagine and you were able to vanish into a world of your own making, a world of your choice, a world that you designed and built for yourself. But as you grew older, "normal" people, "reality" people, began to attack your world, chipping away at the castle walls until you were exposed. They tried to make a spectacle of you, to embarrass and ridicule you in front of your friends. Some of you were so defeated by the enemies of your world that even to this day, you are afraid to dream, to imagine, to enter into a world that you can still build. I have good news for you!

There is an emergency exit from reality! You know what it is. Inside you, there is still a little boy or a little girl with the power to build a new castle. The power is called imagination. It's your own personal emergency exit from the dreaded "norm" and its boring reality, into a world that God placed inside of you. It's a very special one of a kind world, that only you have the power to imagine into existence. God gave you the power to do it.

Oh yes, I did say that I had evidence that the concept of normal should be banished. Well actually, you have the evidence. Simply take a close look at the people around you who "think" they're normal... Need I say more? Are you still here? The emergency exit is open!

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By Bad Little Boi on December 06, 2008 at 01:39 pm

I definitely do not fit into anybody's freakin' box.   I just left the building.

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