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Nov 5, 2008 Is Just The Beginning

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, November 05, 2008


If we do this right,we can make a difference.

Well Obama got elected, Yeah!!! So you voted and you think you have done your part.  Oh contraire! If you really want the change that Barrack has talked about, he is going to need our help.

Remember the constitution starts with the words “We the people…  So it is time “We the people” don’t depend on a few people to take care of us. It takes work to keep this country moving into the 21st century. Our attititude has to change about how we want our society to evolve.

That seems like a tall order and may be overwhelming for many. So how about starting small, think of some way you can be involved in your neighborhood, maybe even just turning off the television for an evening and talking with family and or friends what you would like to do to make a change. Is there something you can agree on that you could do once a month or just something that is in the news that you can speak about, maybe even talk to your family and friends about where you would like this country to go, nationally and internationally?

We have lots to think about. Where are we as humans are headed? How can we work together? Well let’s look inside ourselves and make the changes we want our world to make.

It starts with us, it is a new way of viewing ourselves how we are all connected and how a small change can make a difference.

We can no longer afford to be armchair quarterbacks, we must help carry the ball. As Shakespeare wrote, “If you cut me do I not bleed…”Shylock –Merchant of Venice.

No matter in what part of the world you live or what religion you practice or what your culture, we are all humans. We have seen how just some small continuous effort can make a big difference. This is so much more than about America. It is about how we as humanity can come together and make a difference.

We do not have to go out and control the world we simply have a chance to let the world see something they can aspire too. And we know this will not happen overnight, but as long as we are willing to not become complacent and think that it is someone else job, there is a good possibility we will mature for the better.

This is just the first step in a shift in thinking how we can grow as people. We have seen how hate and fear diminishes who we are and how being open and inclusive brings out our best.

Maybe we need to start asking ourselves, will I be a better person tomorrow than I was today.

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