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It Was A Very Dark Night....

What really happened to this Boy Band from Georgia on that winding mountain road?

The year was 1968. The boys in the band were returning to Pine City after a few days break in New York City. Their summer long tour was beginning to take its toll even on this six pack of hard rocking teens. They were sad yet a bit relieved that after this Friday & Saturday night at the Pine City Hullabaloo Club, they could head south again.

The band, LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE was from Warner Robins, Georgia a far cry from the bustle of New York and the other big cities they had visited this summer. Pine City on the other hand, was small town America, quaint and hospitable. The boys had never been treated better. From the Town Constable Carl Draxler, who also was the owner of the Club, to the amazingly gracious kids who seemed to truly adore the band, their two weekends at Pine City had been the highlight of their tour. That final Saturday night was no exception. As usual the Pine City kids were the best audience any band could ask for. Then a rather odd thing began to happen. As the band played their final song FOREVER IN A DREAM, the kids stopped dancing and one by one came to the front and sat down on the floor looking up at the band. Most were crying. The boys had never seen anything like this before. When the boys closed the show, they were met with hugs and tearful farewells.

On the bus that night as it wound along the dark mountain road, the boys pondered the unusual events of the evening...when suddenly without warning, the diesels screaming as if being tortured by demons from hell, the bus crashed through the guard rail and disappeared into the darkness below.

The next day, emergency workers found the wreckage..but never recovered any bodies.

When the kids and the Constable from Pine City received the sad news, they made a blue flag with orange letters, the same colors as the LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE BUS. On the flag, just four words. "Til we meet again". They climbed the mountain overlooking the Pine City Hullabaloo Club and placed the flag at the top of the tallest tree as a tribute to the six boys from LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE.

Til we meet again. What happened next is beyond the wildest imagination!

They're back! You won't believe it unless you see them for yourselves! Timidly and not a little bit fearful, I approached the drummer and founder, Michael and asked him what happened that night fourty years ago. His reply was soft and simple. "We've been playing music with the King. Man he taught us some grooves ain't nobody ever heard before. We found out how to reach into your heart with music. Be a believer man, come see."

And that is all I can tell you. You just have to go see and listen. Then you decide what really happened. Born Again? I'd say that's exactly what happened to the boys in this band. LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE..Watch for the band..and the movie.

If you want to talk to them..Michael, Daryl, Brian, Shannon, Antonio or them at They will reply...from somewhere.

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By Bad Little Boi on December 06, 2008 at 01:38 pm

Totally out of this world.  Please let me meet you sometime!  Please!!  BLB

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By Against The Wind on June 19, 2009 at 04:47 pm

Sadly romantic.  I could feel the heart and soul of the writer.     Of which great movies are made.

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