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Fun On A Nickel

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, November 03, 2008


A great cheap but fun date idea. Also good cheap fun for kids and guaranteed to hit the wallet below the belt.

With the economy the way it is, where can you take your kids or yourself for some cheap clean fun?

 This weekend while visiting friends in the O.C. (that’s Orange County for my non Los Angeles readers), my friend took me to a cool arcade place called Nickel, Nickel.

 There is an admission price, but my friend had a coupon that gave us free admission for $7 worth of nickels, which lasted us a good 2 hours. They also have packages for birthday parties or parties. And for my Chuck Cheese fans, this is fun with out the scary costume characters.

 Most of the games are a nickel to play, the fancier ones are maybe 4 nickels, oooh a whooping twenty cents. They have old nostalgic arcade video games, from Ms. Pacman, Centipede, Street Fighter that you can play for free. Yes people Free...

 You also can acquire those nifty little tickets that you collect and can go pick out cheap little trinkets which are honestly cheaper than the tickets say they are worth, but hey it’s fun and that’s all that counts.

 So if you are in the O.C. check them out and have a bit a fun on the cheapside.

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