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Why Los Angelites Need Ryan Seacrest.

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, November 03, 2008

A celebrity in his own right, Ryan Seacrest is one of the most noteable on-air personality icons today, whether you like him or not. What would happen to LA's top radio station without him?

Unless you have been living in a cave, everyone who resides in Los Angeles knows of Ryan Seacrest. You know may know him as the host of American Idol, the host of E! News, host of the American Top 40, the host of News Eve Count down with Dick Clarke, hell host of everything.

I only know him as the guy I listen to on my 45-50 minute drive to work along with Ellen K on Los Angeles' top radio station 102.5 KissFm. My secondary alarm clock.

Whether you think the man is gay, straight, or one hell of a metro-sexual, the man is magnificant in his own right. Perhaps a little neurotic and he gives us a hint that he could possibly be OCD. He is definitely analytical about EVERYTHING.

Seacrest makes you feel like you know him, and that every guest he interviews, whether it be a hip hop artist or a political personality, is his personal friend. Almost makes me want to call the guy up for a round of drinks.

But what most impresses me about this morning talk show is that he some how is able to bridge the gap between all age groups enabling this show to be what I would deem family friendly. Hey his Mom is a regular on his program. She calls in all the way from Atlaaannta. He even fills the need of some of us soap opera dramas with Ryans Roses. A service he does to see if you've cheated on your signifcant other.

As a person who works in a library I am very impressed that he has taken on reading scenes from "Twilight." Stephanie Meyers take note, can't get better free advertising that and local libraries are probably seeing a huge increase in the request for this series as well.

I think that because he has had both political parties on his show, the younger listeners have gotten more revved up about this election and that's is what we need.

Some of my readers may wonder what crack I'm smoking, but hey in the state of things today, we need a little fun, stupid, quirky and best of all free entertainment and perhaps a little education and that's what Ryan Seacrest provide us Los Angelites (ack!!! I've sucumbed) between the hours of 5am-9am.

And in the words of Ryan Seacrest.... You know I love you.

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