Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Catholic School: Sweeping Sins Under The Altar

Who Would Jesus believe?

Sweeping the sins of the Catholics, under the altar --Who would Jesus believe

I was recently called by a new friend to help her with a situation at a catholic school in Marin County, California. I was asked to come with her as an advocate and a translator.

What follows is a shock yet, not a surprise, being that the catholic church and it’s people are showing who they are in spite of claiming they are “Christ centered“.

My friend’s five year old daughter attends kindergarten at this “Christ centered school” in San Rafael. The child is bright, enthusiastic, highly intelligent and very outgoing and verbose: a perfectly happy, joyful child. She just started attending classes this month of September and has already come home stating that her teacher kicked her and it hurt, and that volunteer mothers watching the playground refused to help this five year old open her sealed lunch dish causing her to miss her meal, and that one of them hurts her by flicking her finger on her arm. This has been brought to the attention of the principal and vice principal of the school, and they responded by telling the child she is dreaming it or imagining it, and that she should love her teacher.

The parents came to the school to hopefully clear this situation up, and to come to a peaceful understanding.

At this meeting, which I attended, the family was accused of making up false accusations, speaking in vulgar language, and being uncooperative. I witnessed none of this, and to the contrary I noticed the principal rolling her eyes and excessively blinking while she spoke, and the vice principal hands were shaking as she spoke. This caused me to wonder if she was nervous, lying, or just needed a drink. Their way of resolving this matter, was to remove the child from the school, (after all , those kindergarteners are simply incorrigible), and to escort this God loving family with the police out of the school, and the church. Gee, I wonder if Jesus would approve.

I know I believe the child, I think Jesus would too.

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