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The Pollution Solution

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, October 24, 2008

think of others, be considerate and kind

Pollution Solution: be considerate!

There is so much air pollution, I mean not just smog, and smoke and chemicals, but I mean noise, smells, gases, and irritants.

I have just recently started hanging out with a wonderful person who is extremely chemically sensitive. It is called a disability, but really it is a valuable ability especially if there is a noxious poisonous harmful smell, you would want her olfactory sensitivity there to give you warning. Such as a canary in a coal mine.

Instead of the boy in the plastic bubble

Being with her has opened my eyes even more to the pollutants we create and emanate without regards to how others perceive it. I mean, have you ever smelled someone’s awful smelling body odor , or perfume.

It even hurts ones nose to smell the nastiness of a bad smelling perfume. Well, my friend smells all those chemicals like cigarette smoke, perfumes, and oils that people put on to what? Cover up a bad smell? Induce a reaction or perception from someone else? Like , ooh you smell like flowers, I want to pollinate with you, or do you want to hypnotize and seduce someone into an erotic feeling, because you can"t get their attention with your attractiveness?

I know smokers are banned to do their addiction outside, but hey, we all live outside too, a sidewalk is a public space too, except if you have to go around smokers taking up the sidewalk with their freedom to pollute their own lungs and meet others in the same agreement.

How about smokers who wont smell up their car, even use their ashtray for its intended use for old butts, instead toss out their lit butts onto the roadway or side of the road where fires have been started by a lit cigarette thrown out the window, or leave their squashed butts on the floor for someone else to clean up.

I have been appalled when going camping to be in the woods, in peace and quiet joining nature and having people bring their bug killing spray and spray around their chairs and tent with these noxious chemicals to kill insects in their own environment, for their own comfort they kill. Wishing those people would have stayed home if they don’t like the outdoors and it’s inhabitants. These same folks stay up late smoking, drinking, listening to their own taste in music and curse the birds in the morning for singing and sun for shining . As for music, yes it is wonderful I love all kinds of music, from opera to hip hop, but I choose when I want to hear it, not when my neighbor decides he wants to hear it, and as loud as he wants so that the windows tremble in my house from the vibrations of the bass. there are no walls one can build, no fences made to keep out unwanted noises.

we are all on the same planet, let there be consideration for one another, it is a small world, How could I enjoy my home when others are homeless, how could I eat when others are hungry, how could I block the sun from a plant that is growing, how could I destroy the home of an ant to build my own home.

Being considerate, taking notice that what we do affects others, that our comfort and pleasure creates harm and discomfort to others. Freedom to do what one wants is fine, but to destroy and prohibit the freedom of others, isn’t that what we construct war over. Isn’t that what we rationalize murder over, getting what we want at the cost of another?

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on October 24, 2008 at 06:57 pm

i feel your pain, champ! i get a huge headache when i smell someone's powerful perfum/cologne.

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By Lady D on October 25, 2008 at 11:29 am

Thank you for being concious. I have many of the same feelings. When I go camping, I actually go camping. Although I do bring a foam pad for my old bones.

Keep writing and maybe more will listen.

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