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10 Days Of Horror (day Two)

by Dude Poole (writer), Hilliard, October 23, 2008

Stephen King's Children of the Corn

So day two hits and I feel like I am already hitting the wall. Maybe I should have ended with Suspiria, but already viewing Suspiria yesterday has led me to try and find the eject button to this ten day madness. I am not sure what I think that I saw in this movie back when I originally saw it, but this movie is not very good.
So the premise goes something like this. Some kids decide to kill all the people in the town older than 19 years of age. Then at an undisclosed time in the near future some travlers happen upon the town by accident. Why? Because surprisingly they decided to not stay on the main highway and wanted to sight-see. Horror ensues.
So there are some eerie scenes in the movie that do make you think twice about walking into a cornfield. In fact, I just recently went to a pumpking patch with the whole fam damily and wouldn't you know they had the obligatory corn maze. Now it never fails that whenever I go through a corn maze, I cannot help but think about Children of the Corn. So I guess on some level the movie has stuck with me over time, which I guess is half the battle. I think the fact that I saw this movie while I was a kid might say something about the fact that it scared me and has since stuck with me, but now as an adult (in body only) I feel that the charm and original fear that the movie delivered is no longer there.
So there I was watching this movie, and instead of being engulfed by it or scared from the scenes, I am sitting there picking apart the movie scene by scene. Which in my mind says something about the movie. So I find it interesting that the kids in the town kill all the adults, yet no one in the neighboring towns seems to care. In fact, the only link the movie has to the outside world, besides our two protagonists, is an old man at the gas station who oddly enough has done nothing about the fact that the kids are now ruling the town in their post-murderous rampage. I mean seriously, tell the next delivery man of gasonline that the psycho kids have killed everyone. Pick up that square thing that has the rotary dialer and call the number of the police (pre-911).
Not to mention that when I was a kid, anyone looking like Isaac would have been beaten on and made fun of... not followed by the a townfull of kids. Now I was not the type that would have done the beating, but I would have been the type to do the laughing when some other kid gave him an atomic wedgie... oh well. I guess the main moral of this story is beat on the nerdy kid, and when you get older, never leave the highway to sight-see. Check, and check.
So with problems like these floating around in my head I often have a hard time taking a movie seriously. So tomorrow I really have nowhere to go but up. I am not sure if I meant to do this, but two movies in a row, I have seen an actor/actress in their younger form before they became famous. This movie's star in the making was Linda Hamilton, now known from her Terminator fame. Now obviously she became more famous than Udo Kier from Suspiria, but still, I sense a theme emerging.

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