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Book Review: Deep Structure By Lori Stephens

by Lori (writer), , October 19, 2008


Boulder Tossing at Stonehenge? An Empiricst's View of the Paranormal

SEATTLE, Washington—Fans of The Da Vinci Code’s symbology sleuthing and the quantum questions of the popular film “What the #$*! Do We Know” will enjoy this speculative science mystery that will send them down the rabbit hole of perception and scramble their paradigm of reality. 

Where are the symbols coming from and what do they mean? Why have they appeared in an Egyptian tomb, a Peruvian palace, and a shape created by a fakir’s squirming snakes? Could they be related to the astounding disaster at Stonehenge?

In Stephens’ first installment of the Paradigms Lost Series, readers are
introduced to Gatsby Donovan. Gatsby’s career at the British Museum has made her an expert in decoding ancient glyphs, but solving this archeolinguistic puzzle is the greatest challenge of her life. Will her empiricism unearth the answers, or are they secreted within the very manuscript that she dare not decipher?

With the assistance of Cambridge archeologist Martin Traussbery, Gatsby resolves to break the enigmatic code—unsure whether she is deciphering a shared hallucination, her own childhood, or perception itself—and finds herself dangling from the ledge of everything she had once believed about reality.


TITLE: Deep Structure
AUTHOR: Lori Stephens

ISBN 1-58832-103-7

"Stephens’ great sense of storytelling spiced with humor effortlessly carries the reader back to a time when Druids, Mayan priests, and Egyptian gods shared the world between them and the spoken word held the power to move even the earth itself."

 "A valid complaint about most science fiction is that the science is so shoddy there’s no suspension of disbelief to aid the fiction. Here, the science is more than solid, and the reader is easily immersed in the adventure."

 "... real physics and archaeology in a highly entertaining story …"

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