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The Art Of Condescension

by sanjanakumar (writer), New York City, October 16, 2008


Are you living in an Ivory Tower?

Last week I was in a meeting where the phrase Ivory Tower was used. While the phrase was used in a particular context, I have found another context in which the words Ivory Tower are applicable.

I was catching up on The Big Bang Theory last night and there was an scene involving one of the characters of the show. The character I am referring to is Sheldon. He continuously makes comments that can only be described as condescending. On the tv show, Sheldon has intelligence far superior to genius and is socially inept. His myopic point of view doesn't enable him to realize when he is being condescending. He lives in an "Ivory Tower" and has perfected the Art of Condescension.

Having several unpleasant encounters yesterday that I thought was attributed to the Full Moon, I started pondering the concept of the Art of Condescension.

Is it possible that people who have perfected the Art of Condescension are so smart that they don't know when they are being condescending or are they merely what I will now refer to as PA's (Pretentious Asshats)?

I have observed that it takes a certain personality or background to be condescending. No offense to the British ( I have quite a few close British friends) but they have (in my humble experience) been the biggest PA's. Here is an example:
A few years ago, I was at dinner with a bunch of people from the UK and the only American. They were going on and on about how horrible America was and how great England was. The fact that they had no respect for me and were completely derisive in their comments about America really pissed me off. Their arrogance was astounding. It completely amazed me that they could bash the country that was providing them with an income. Nobody asked you to come to America and take jobs away from our citizens. If you are soo miserable here, go back to England. The whole England is better than America attitude can only be described as arrogance, pretentiousness and generally condescending.

I am tired of the bullshit. PA's really need to take a step back, observe both sides of a situation, stop being so myopic and realize that being condesending doesn't get you anywhere. Maybe I should start handing out Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends and Influence People to these PA's!! Or would it be better to exclude these people from my world? Perhaps that is a little harsh....

It must be nice to live in an Ivory Tower looking down on us plebians.

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By AmyO on October 16, 2008 at 05:38 pm

Aside from just making friends, making a point in a clear and "courteous" manner is much more effective than mocking or insulting.

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