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Constitution 101 - The Second Amendment

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 24, 2006

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Constitution of the United States
Amendment 2
Ratified 1791

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution drives liberals into such a rabid frenzy, that just mentioning the words “Second Amendment” makes their eyes begin to spin and drool begins oozing from their mouths. This is the wind up stage just before they fly into a sputtering, raging tirade about how guns are the bane of modern American society. As a result, it is recommended that liberals not read this article unless under the careful supervision of a trained mental physician.

The best part about this amendment, is that it Constitutionally guarantees not only the right to keep and bear arms, but it also Constitutionally guarantees that this nation is entitled to assemble, train and, if necessary, deploy a military establishment for the purposes of defending the United States of America against all enemies of this “free state.” Without any further adieu, The Second Amendment…

A well-trained militia…
Specifically, an organized military establishment consisting of the people of this nation, trained in modern combat tactics and weaponry.

…being necessary to the security of a free state…
There is no nation currently in existence or existed in the past that did not require the use of some form of protection from external threats. Those who authored this amendment knew that without the presence of some form of militia, the young United States of America could be quickly overrun, especially by the British (as was attempted in 1812). Therefore, the Constitution declared that American citizens were entitled to protection from external threats.

…the right of the people…
Meaning, the citizenry of the United States – ALL citizens of the United States – possess this right, regardless of age, religion, race, economic status, or heritage. This is not some privilege that can be arbitrarily negated at the whim of some crazed lunatic seeking to amass all governmental power. This is a specific right guaranteed to the citizens of this nation without prejudice.

…to keep and bear arms…
Not only are you allowed to own a gun, you are guaranteed the right to carry that gun with you wherever you go. States, counties and municipalities that pass ordinances prohibiting citizens from openly and visibly carrying a gun on their person are in direct violation of this amendment according to Article VI – National Supremacy clause stating that the Constitution reigns supreme and the states must therefore yield.

…shall not be infringed.
Unless the Constitution is amended through the proper protocol, no legislative, executive or judicial entity within the United States, including Congress, the president or the Supreme Court, can create a law, policy or ordinance to take away this right.

The Second Amendment is very clear in its permission of the people to own and carry any type of firearm. Furthermore, it does not articulate that there is a minimum age limit for the possession of firearms. Common sense dictates that there should be an age limit, considering a five year old running loose with a gun cannot end well. It must be noted, however, that more and more people in the United States are not in possession of common sense and because of this, people have fought for years trying to revoke the right to keep and bear arms. Common sense says, “I am allowed to own an AK-47 with a 50-round clip, but I choose not to own such a weapon because it has no practical use in society.” However, the prevailing idiot mindset says, “Hey, I’m a stupid moron and I intend to own every single type of firearm known to man because the Constitution says I can and I don’t care if anyone else gets hurt because of it.”

There is also the old bumper sticker slogan that read: “Guns kill people.” Actually, this is not completely true. When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or turned on the television and saw a news story that said, “Gun lying on table begins firing by itself and kills man.” A gun is an inanimate object. It is no more capable of murdering a person on its own than a hammer. It is not the Glock Model 17 which people should fear, it is the stupid idiot brandishing it that should be of great concern to you. Taking guns off the street to stop crime is like taking condoms out of stores to stop prostitution – both are foolishly stupid knee-jerk reactions to a symptom and do not address the root-cause of the issue.

It is so entertaining to watch people stand up in support of such moronic legislation as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and yet no one thinks twice about letting people buy a car. Case in point, if the driver of a car aims that car at another individual in attempt to kill that person, the driver is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Yet no one is up in arms trying to establish a five-day waiting period for the purchase of a car.

The anti-gun lunatics are always trying to justify their position saying, “Cars have a non-violent purpose. There is no non-violent purpose for a gun.” Oh really, Captain Herbalife? What about hunting for game? If it weren’t for the sport of hunting, which most hunters use as a means of securing more natural or non-traditional food supplies, some species of animal, the white-tail deer being one of them, would overrun populated areas in search of food and really cause problems in society. Of course, guns aren’t as versatile as cars, but it would be immensely easier to defend yourself with a gun instead of a ’69 Charger!

The Second Amendment also entitles the United States to assemble an armed military force capable of protecting the nation. The fact that the United States is entitled to protect itself is precisely why American troops are in Iraq. To have not sent them there to defend the United States against terrorists is a clear and direct violation of the Constitution, which the president swears an oath, “to preserve, protect and defend.” The president sent troops to Vietnam for the same purpose – to protect the United States from the advance of Communism in Asia. Of course, it is only now that America is beginning to realize that greater effort should have been made to stop the advance of Communism. With dictators such as Kim Jong “mentally “Il now in possession of nuclear weapons, it is quite obvious that the American military was not allowed to finish the job it started in Asia in the 1950s. America is now under threat of nuclear attack by a sawed-off little fireplug who should have never gotten to power within a ideology that should have been crushed in its infancy. The Second Amendment demands that America be protected from Islamo-Fascism just as it was protected from Nazism during World War II.

As you can see there is a lot to the Second Amendment. It has fewer words than the First, but even in those few words, there is a mountain of expectations beyond being allowed to carry a gun. The Second Amendment was important enough to the authors of the Constitution to include it in the Bill of Rights – to make sure that every citizen was safe. It is a right that should not be taken lightly, but very seriously if the United States is to remain a sovereign nation.

Next time – the Third Amendment.

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