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Open Letter To Dianne Feinstein

by D. E. Carson (writer), , October 05, 2008

It's time for Americans to show Congress whose boss.


My colleague M.B. Dion wrote a very pointed article about the new $700 billion bailout bill ( with which I have to agree.  Furthermore, I was outraged by something in the article.  Not something M.B. was saying, but by something he reported as being said by one of my so-called “senators”, Dianne Feinstein.   In the article, M.B. wrote, “According to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), she received 85,000 protests from American citizens, people that she represents in good faith, yet she said, "they just don't understand". And of course she voted for the bailout...

We don’t understand? WE DON’T UNDERSTAND?!?

Senator, it is time for you to go back to school, and I’m just the constituent to master your education.  From now on, you will refer to me as MISTER Carson.

Senator, first of all, you are my representative.  You represent me and the other 38 million people of California in the United States Senate.  You share that job with Barbara Boxer.  You are an elected official.  You are NOT appointed nor did you inherit your position.  You are there because the people of California thought (erroneously, it appears) they wanted you there.  Your job as a senator is to represent the will of the people of California when it comes to the business of the Senate.  Your job does not permit you to do what the greedy, elitists of Wall Street want you to do.  When the people of California, even if it is a mere 85,000, tell you to vote “NO” on a bill that has no fiduciary benefit to the people of California or the rest of the United States, your job is to listen to them not tell them that “they just don’t understand.”

I understand Senator.  I understand perfectly.  I understand that you think your constituents are too stupid to think for themselves.  I understand that you think you know what is best for the people of California – when, in fact, you have been so out of touch with us folks back home for so long you wouldn’t know San Francisco from San Diego unless someone told you and even then I doubt you’d get it.  I understand that as a senator, you have displayed incompetence when it came to this fiasco.  I understand your job better than you do, Senator and frankly, I know I could do it much better than you could.

If you had any idea that there was something wrong with the banking system in America, you had a duty and responsibility to the people of California to go public with any information and alert them immediately, if not sooner, to the impeding crisis.  But you did nothing.  Either you did not know, which is further proof of your incompetence or you did know and yet you chose to do nothing hoping that it would just go away which makes you a traitor to the voters who sent you back there to do the job.

Believe me, Senator, I understand.  I understand that if you had prior knowledge of this fiasco and chose to do nothing, that means your vote was somehow influenced by money from Wall Street investment bankers who did their best to sell America a scary bedtime story.  I understand that the free-market which America enjoys has been damaged by the dismantling of regulations that protected consumers from the predatory lending practices which caused this mess and yet, now we, the people, are supposed to trust that you have our best interests at heart when for the last 12-16 years the only best interests Congress had at heart was its own and how those in power could stay in power?  I don’t think so, Senator.  Believe me, Senator, I understand.

Tell me Senator, at what point does Congress draw the line between protecting and raping the people of America?  Does it only become a priority for Congress to do the right thing when it gets caught boning the people over a railing?  Does Congress only do the right thing when it gets caught ignoring the wrongs being committed?  Why won’t Congress do the right thing all the time?  Is it because it is far more lucrative to rape the public and then put on a dog and pony show when it gets caught?  Are you and the other 534 members of Congress so egocentric as to think that because you are senators and representatives that you are somehow above the law?  That you are exempt from the rules and standards of honest living so that gives you the right to rape the public?

Or are you all cowards who hide behind your Congressional privilege when it is convenient so that you don’t have to answer to the people you are supposed to represent?

Why, Senator, did this economic melt down happen in the first place?  Isn’t it true that it happened because Congress chose to turn a blind eye and take kickbacks in the form of campaign contributions from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae so Freddie and Fannie could cook their books while dealing in bad paper?  Where was the oversight on them?  Don’t the Senate and the House have committees that are supposed to oversee Freddie and Fannie?  Why weren’t they doing their job?  How much money did senators and representatives get from Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch – two companies who were also dealing in bad paper?  Why aren’t these questions being asked?  What is Congress trying to hide up there?

Believe me Senator, we understand.  We understand that we are on the hook for $700 billion that my grandchildren won’t be able to repay.  Do you understand what it is like knowing that my tax dollars are now going to be given to some investment banking firm who doesn’t deserve it and that I will never see anything from those dollars?  Do you understand that by supporting this bailout of Wall Street you have effectively blown Barack Obama’s economic plans right out of the water?  Do you understand that Obama’s healthcare plan is completely out of the question now?  Any hope of universal healthcare in any form just went out the window with the signing of this bail out.  Do you understand that the people deserve better from its elected government?  Do you understand that these bailouts are going to cause more economic ruin than they are going to prevent?

Honestly, Senator, you're the one who doesn't understand.

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5 comments on Open Letter To Dianne Feinstein

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By Lady D on October 05, 2008 at 10:11 am

I wrote Feinstien, Boxer, Nancy Pelosie  and Obama and said NO. Like in the movie Ants, we have to realize that there are alot more of us than there are of them.

Great article

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By Jen on October 05, 2008 at 03:57 pm

A "mothy" c-word?  That is just disgusting!

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By Jen on October 05, 2008 at 04:09 pm

Yeah...I like that you mention the healthcare issue.  We could have had universal healthcare for a tenth of the cost of this bailout and people screamed socialist pig to anyone that supported universal healthcare.  This bailout is costing us 10 years of potentially providing healthcare to taxpaying citizens.  Meanwhile...the new CEO of Freddie Mac will be earning a $900,000.00 salary...despite the fact that taxpayers must dig into their pockets to "rescue" the company.  I would guess he will also be provided with excellent medical coverage.

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By D. E. Carson on October 05, 2008 at 05:08 pm

"However, a simple google search linking to the U.S. Senate website leadss one a host of efforts Feinstein made to help stave off the banking crisis."

And yet, somehow even with a majority in the Senate, Feinstein still neglected to really push this thing.  H.D., c'mon...even you have to admit that if Feinstein had really wanted to push this issue she could have.  Instead she did just like every other worthless bum in the Senate did and that was the absolute minimum necessary just so she could go around crowing about how she tried to do something but no one would listen.  Feinstein is as worthless as the other 99 senators up there (yes, McCain included).

And yes, she is a traitor.

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By Joan Westin on December 12, 2008 at 04:11 pm

I loved D.E. Carson’s story here.  America is a representative democracy and when the representatives forget they represent the people, people remind them who the representatives represent.  Some of the people bullied by businesses, then disenfranchised by their representatives and paid officials do it with the keyboard, some do it by violence.  So Nevada businesses and representatives and officials, it’s your choice what’s on your radar screen.  Represent the people and you have nothing to worry about.  Represent only big money and for-profit corporations, and you have to worry about people pushed to desperation, that you forgot or didn’t care that you also represent.  People whose sad and desperate stories are written about in exposes such as these.

I am not a proponent of senseless violence.  I do understand when victims are pushed into violence when their representatives and paid officials fail to help the victims.  That makes sense to me.  America was founded in violence after exhausting all other means to get her relief against her oppressors.  Every American should always remember that in how they conduct themselves.  When violence does happen from the victims, I say when I hear about it, the business or representative or official had it coming.  If called to jury duty I would never find a victim guilty who resorted to violence only against an individual in a business that wronged them or the representative or official that wronged them after exhausting all other legal means.

So all businesses, representatives and officials, I am not surprised when things get ugly for them when they wrong someone. It is the American tradition.

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