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Palin Holds Her Own in VP Debat But Doesn't Dominate

by D. E. Carson (writer), , October 03, 2008

Alaskan governor shows she can play ball, but she's not in danger of being accused of aggression.

Tonight’s only vice-presidential debate was better than most people expected, but just didn’t have the “oomph” to push anyone ahead of the other.   It’s probably just as well though since the media has been all over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after her two interviews with two-thirds of Obama’s press department: CBS and ABC.

Palin stood her ground against Senator Joe Biden, who is foolishly wasting his time to run as Obama’s running mate – after all, if Obama does win (God forbid) by the time Obama’s through stuffing that second “S” into “US(S)A” there won’t be a nation for Biden to serve as president.  Obama will effectively rape, pillage, plunder and rape America into bankruptcy leaving a once great nation to wonder “what the hell was that?”  (Yes, I know I said “rape” twice, but face it, Obama likes rape).

Palin is one of us.  She is a middle-class working-her-ass-off American trying to make ends meet and help support a family.  She knows the kind of lazy, elitist, arrogance of Washington and I believe that given the chance, she would honestly get some house cleaning done in Washington.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure she’ll get that chance.

While Palin was good enough tonight to make up for the gaffs in the Couric and Gibson interviews, she wasn’t good enough to push McCain ahead.  In fact, preliminary reports popping up on the Internet already show no gain for McCain or Obama after tonight.  The lead Obama has been enjoying for the last few days was not augmented at all nor was McCain’s deficit eliminated.  After the debate tonight, the best either McCain or Obama can hope for is a parallel rise in the polls with the difference remaining about the same.

Palin did take Biden to task on his voting record, Obama’s voting record and extolled the virtues of McCain’s record.  Biden was waiting right there with rebuttals that softened the blows and actually managed to prevent Palin from making any headway.  The one thing that Obama fans can’t seem to get through their heads – and Governor Palin did point this out tonight – Obama’s plan for the economy does in fact spell doom for America.  Palin reiterated that regardless of what Obama wants to do with the money (assuming he even collects it) the harm to the economy will come because of higher taxes on the rich.

The top 5% of all wage earners pay more than 70% of all tax revenues collected.  Even the IRS acknowledges that on their website.  The remaining 95% of wage earners cover the remaining 30% and yet somehow Obama thinks the rich don’t pay their fair share.  Does this mean that he wants the top 5% to fork over every single dime they make?  This is so funny because Obama falls into that top 5% of all wage earners.  Last year between him and Michelle, Obama raked in almost $2 million in income.  Of course, it is also possible that Obama has some sort of tax shelter set up so that he doesn’t have to pay taxes on all of that.  Well, guess what.  HE isn’t the only one who knows about those shelters.  All the rich people in America know about it too and when he raises taxes, they’ll stuff more money into those tax shelters and there will be less and less of it going out to the people where it belongs.

Tonight, Biden called the middle class the economic engine that runs this nation.  I hate to break it to you Joe, but once again, you fail to live up to your self-proclaimed moniker of the smartest man in the room (just ask him, he’ll tell you).  It is the rich who are the economic engine of America.  It is the rich who provide the money that creates the jobs that are filled by the middle class workers so they can have a piece of the pie as well.  The rich aren’t really getting richer – unless you’re talking about all the rich dolts who blindly support Obama for president.  Of course, those are Hollywood fools who couldn’t lead an avalanche down a mountain let alone be trusted to tell the truth about anything political.  You know, I’m not allowed to wax political in my work, so why are actors allowed to wax political in theirs?

If it weren’t for the rich, there would be no middle class.  We would all be poor.  It is the rich who make this country run.  They are the ones who invest their money into companies that provide jobs for middle class jokers like me.  The rich are the ones who buy the expensive houses, cars, motor coaches, etc and in buying those items, they create a vacuum where the manufacturer needs to create another product.  It is so sad how liberals think they can just raise taxes on rich people because they abhor the idea of someone making a profit.  Liberals hate capitalism – even though it has made some of them filthy, stinking rich.  Liberals despise capitalism and they blindly embrace socialism/communism.  And it is to that end to which liberals like Joe Biden and Barack Obama want to lead America.

It’s really too bad that Sarah Palin couldn’t give McCain the polling boost he needed.  Fortunately, she didn’t sink McCain either.

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By Jen on October 04, 2008 at 12:48 pm

She "held her own" and "did better than expected" because she didnt actually say anything.  She looked like an actor playing a part.  I think a friend of mine summed it up quite well.   "It's like she has a manual...and she just sticks to matter what the question...and that chapter on foreign policy is giving her a really hard time."

For my part...I just kept hoping someone would wipe that phony beauty contestant say nothing smile off of her face.  And more "maverick" out of her mouth and I was about to go top gun on her.

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By CCNY on October 04, 2008 at 06:49 pm

It's like she has a manual...and she just sticks to it

Yeah, like Joe Biden was dynamic, or did anything to reveal who he really was.  Somebody should have an intervention for him to get him off the teeth whiteners.

Every politician has a manual, script or formula going into a debate, and they all try to stay as neutral as possible.  How are you surprised by that?

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