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Blues Heaven In Decatur

by Show Time (writer), Muir...wherever that is. It was a dream., September 27, 2008

You can't just learn the blues, you have to live it.

If you're a "blues junkie", you simply have to get a hit of this. GUITAR RED, Billy C. Wall, the real deal, real life blues legend, playing and singing his story in a heartfelt, sometimes foot stomping way that'll get you so hooked you will never again settle for anything but the authentic, bona-fide, tried and tested pure stuff.

Pure Blues is a hard thing to find these days. Oh sure, I know there's a whole herd of folks who bill themselves as blues artists and some of them are real solid pickers. But my point is simply this and while it is only my opinion, I just think it's hard to tell about something that you don't know anything about. True blues is simply telling a story in a raw, unique way. The best stories ever told are those that the storyteller has actually lived. And sometimes you can tell someone else's story if it's in your heart. Guitar Red tell his story in the words of his songs. And brother let me tell you, he has lived every song in detail. Every pain, every trial, tribulation and every passion is expressed in his street level, pure blues style. He'll have you laughing, crying and stomping your feet and you'll love every minute of it. You just simply have to get in on a good deal called Guitar Red.

You can look him up on the streets of Decatur or better yet, check out his new CD album..LIGHTNIN' IN A BOTTLE..

Go to Blues Heaven for awhile. You may never come back.

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