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The Most Paranoid Piece Of Lunacy Ever Written

by Chris Jones (writer), Houston, September 23, 2008

If you’ve ever wondered what crazy looks like then you’re in for a real treat.

If you've ever wondered what crazy looks like then you're in for a real treat. Extreme far left zealot Naomi Wolf has written the most insane and delusional column ever written for The Huffington Post -- or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

Wolf actually believes that Sarah Palin is part of a grand conspiracy to take over the U.S. government and turn America into a 'police state'. She thinks McCain only has 2-4 years left and he's only meant to be the 'figure head' until he croaks and Palin takes over. She cites 'reputable dermatologists' as her source for McCain's impending demise. Palin will also be a figure head who really answers to Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Halliburton, and KBR, according to Wolf. If you think I'm exaggerating please read the paragraph below in her own words.

What's the plan? It is this. McCain doesn't matter. Reputable dermatologists are discussing the fact that in simply actuarial terms, John McCain has a virulent and life-threatening form of skin cancer. It is the elephant in the room, but we must discuss the health of the candidates: doctors put survival rates for someone his age at two to four years. I believe the Rove-Cheney cabal is using Sarah Palin as a stalking horse, an Evita figure, to put a popular, populist face on the coming police state and be the talk show hostess for the end of elections as we know them. If McCain-Palin get in, this will be the last true American election. She will be working for Halliburton, KBR, Rove and Cheney into the foreseeable future -- for a decade perhaps -- a puppet "president" for the same people who have plundered our treasure, are now holding the US economy hostage and who murdered four thousand brave young men and women in a way of choice and lies.

How about that? There's crazy and then there's crazy and I think Naomi Wolf has completely lost her mind. She may well be a danger to herself and others at this point. But wait, it gets much better.

Wolf also asserts that another part of the grand conspiracy is to eventually have Iraqi troops patrolling the streets of America. This she claims is part of 'Rove and Cheney's fantasy' which if Barack Obama is not elected will come true very soon.

Under the coming Palin-Rove police state, you will witness the plans now underway to bring Iraqi troops to patrol the streets of our nation. This is not McCain's fantasy: it is Rove's and Cheney's.

Can you believe it?? I had to re-read that a couple of times to make sure I wasn't missing something. Iraqi troops patrolling our streets? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I don't have the time nor the inclination to cite any more of this ridiculous article, but I recommend everyone read it in its entirety and then read the comments people have left. A sane and rational person would read the article and dismiss it out of hand as totally nuts -- but not on The Huffington Post. Hundreds and hundreds of people completely believe every word of the article which is a good indicator of just how f*cking insane people on the far left actually are.

I've read some articles I consider pretty 'far out there' on HuffPo, but this one takes the cake. I'm not trying to be insulting when I say that Naomi Wolf really may have a serious psychological condition. Possibly the early stages of Schizophrenia. When someone suffers paranoid delusions as Naomi clearly does, they only get worse over time.

Here's Wikipedia's definition of Schizophrenia:

Schizophrenia (pronounced /ËŒskɪtsəˈfriːniÉ™/), from the Greek roots schizein (σχίζειν, "to split") and phrÄ“n, phren- (φρήν, φρεν-, "mind") is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorderperception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction. Onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood,[1] with approximately 0.4–0.6%[2][3] of the population affected.

Sounds pretty much like what Naomi is experiencing and it's only going to get worse without treatment.

This should be a big wake up call to anyone who's not crazy. America cannot afford to have the far-left loons at HuffPo anywhere near the government. Again, look at the comments after the article. The number of people who actually believer her is the truly scary part.

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8 comments on The Most Paranoid Piece Of Lunacy Ever Written

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By D. E. Carson on September 23, 2008 at 11:10 pm

You better be careful writing articles like this one.  You're liable to have some of Broo's own left-wing wack-jobs out there accuse you of lying...

Other than that, you're right.  But with 300 million people living in America, there's no foreseeable end to the number of wacko liberals out there who will buy into anything so long as it continues to obfuscate their own socialist agenda.

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By Lumiere on September 24, 2008 at 03:39 pm

According to your viewpoint I wonder if you think Jesus was Schizophrenic too?  Being such a rebel. What about Martin Luther King Jr. when he wanted equal civil rights for blacks, was he Schizophrenic?  Anyone with an opposing viewpoint is automatically Schizo. Hmmm.... 

I think what concerns me more is why people deny FACTS. In the Library of Congress and the National Archives lies undeniable proof the Bush family supports the Nazi agenda. Yet everyone who is Republican blindly yells " NO...NOT POSSIBLE."   The Bush family attempted to assasinate FDR and implement a Fascist Style Government in the 40's and everyone who is Republican blindly yells "NO...NOT POSSIBLE. "  But I suppose if you are a white male, Nazi affiliations are of no concern to you. Knowing the Bush family history, I still have a hard time believing thousands of people IGNORANTLY voted in their "White Power, Hail Hitler" President. I cringed. Thinking surely if people knew for -FACT- a Stick of Dynamite was just placed on the Declaration of Independence and White House, they might possibly SEE the WRITING ON THE NAZI WALL OF STRATEGY.... but NOOOOOOOOOOOO  it is all about " Democrat or Republican" glamorized, buried in conspiracy theory horse maneur...when it is FACT. 

Go ahead, sign your freedom away in the name of National Security and watch America become a Police State due to ignorance and a blatant inability to swallow historical and current FACTS. Which makes me wonder are people from other countries REALLY right... ARE AMERICANS REALLY SO STUPID?  Open the trough, send their asses to work and follow the herd... cause HEAVEN FORBID THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. HEAVEN FORBID WE HAVE A NAZI IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND WE HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR GOVERNMENT!  Yeah, the same Government that use to sale black slaves on Wall Street always has YOUR best interest and freedoms at heart? lol

And the worst part is YOU actually believe anyone who disagrees with your sheeple mentality is UNPATRIOTIC. Well lets be honest, I appreciate people with HALF A BRAIN TO QUESTION WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY beyond political affiliation and mainstream drivel. 

I think rather than attack Wolf, I am concerned about the possibility of a Police State. The Bush family tried to implement a facist style government  once in the past, why not 'elect' a Nazi in is a BRILLIAN PLAN....first father and then son.  Not so far fetched since their wealth came from murdering millions during the Holocaust in the first place.

So what if what she said was true and your President is really a Dictator? Directive 51.... so interesting...Bush's new plan....that it happens to have the SAME EXACT NAME as Hitlers plan did. Wait. Go ahead. Deny the facts.

Just tell me, will you, El G, and CCNY cower at your keyboard when the time comes to stand up, to fight for your family and friends or will you sit and watch as they are dragged off to be murdered for not being
white. Perhaps you will watch as they are nailed to the cross, sent to the gas chambers and cry when you see how blind you were to a governement that no longer supports the Soverignty of America. 

When Protestors nd reporters in America are being arrested as ' Terrorists.'   When students from Columbia are arrested recently for protesting Bush at a press conference in Washington.  Something is terribly wrong when the police can harass and torment people on a whim. The Constitution does not allow it but a Police State does..... 

I went to dinner with a couple the other night who are in College and one of their Professors was arrested for 2 ounces of marijuana possession. Not only did they arrest him, they arrested his wife and took their child away under the new " Terrorism Laws."    So whether or not I am a Democrat or Republican, I have an ethical responsibility to QUESTION beyond my own biases and open my mind to seek the truth.   

You however can find comfort in your white skin, live in the land of " White Privelage" deny the facts and pretend nothing is happening.  My father is white as well but at least he is not bull headed and ignorant.

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By Jen on September 24, 2008 at 04:57 pm

Thank you all for this afternoon funny.  I do so enjoy a good chuckle.

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By Chris Jones on September 24, 2008 at 05:49 pm

Good one El G! Lefties always have to start talking about Nazi's when they're on the wrong side of an issue.

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By Jen on September 24, 2008 at 06:23 pm

Julian-  I'm with you.  Wolfe is the kind of liberal that embarasses the rest of us.

Morgana- While that may be true of some men it certainly isn't true of all...

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By Chris Jones on September 25, 2008 at 11:34 am

I hadn't read the porn article before, but after reading it I definitely agree with you Morgana.

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By Lumiere on September 26, 2008 at 12:10 pm

Well I suppose I am not one to follow the crowd. Although her argument has flaws, Wolf does bring up some valid concerns with the creation of a Police State.  Most people never read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, so they do not know...what they do not know.

If being a "righty" makes you a racist, then I am proudly a "lefty."  And since you are from the South as well, your attitude does not suprise me in the least. Don't forget to dry clean your hood before the election Chris. ;)

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By Lady D on September 29, 2008 at 10:49 am

I realize this article was written dring our current economic crisis, so maybe just maybe you may want to check out things for yourself.

And yes they are bringing back troops to quell civil unrest. It is very disturbing. I am sure  Ron Paul was laughed at when he predicted the economic collapse. Not laughing now.

Real journalism takes work, do some. There is so much we do not know.

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