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The Superficial Male: Bionic Biceps Meet Personified Pectorals

by maceo manhattan (writer), Los Angeles, November 21, 2006

Yes, I go to the gym at least five days a week. Uh huh, I drink protein shakes like it is an elixir from the fountain of youth. Right on, I like to lift big weights and have strong biceps, pectoral and a pronounced lower body. Does that make me superficial, sophisticated or both?

As a youth growing up in Los Angeles, I must say I was behind the curve when it came to procuring a rock solid physique. I was definitely not under or overweight, but I did not make the football team either. Rather I was a 6 feet tall 160 pound peppermint stick never drank, nor smoked, or used any drugs.

It was not til I was in college, that I felt the need to assert myself and become more masculine. Lucky for me my school had one of the best weight rooms of any college in California. I got big through lifting religiously and taking my protein shakes every day. It soon became an obsession which affected the way I saw life in general.

I became very close minded about things and recall trying to dominate every conversation. My journalist skills that had been crafted for four years in high school had had been replaced with vision of making the UCLA Rugby Team. My shtick of choice was benching more than what I weighed which eventually took a toll on me physically and emotionally.

Numbness ran through my body as I simply lifted to keep what I had. The passion which had motivated to get in the gym gave way to pessimism and inner rebellion. I was constantly trying to find happiness inside, and now weight lifting was simply I lusted rather than loved.

My chiseled physique could not bear the brunt of my shattered ego inside and soon a full out depression came over me. It has taken years of introspection and thought to understand why I killed myself to get the results I got. Finally I realized that my insecurities about life were really getting to me.

Through talking to a therapist and consulting my family, I began to rebuild my body. This time from the inside out. Music became my x-factor and allowed me to dig deeper and find my spiritual. Today I continue to go to the gym with the vigor I once had when I was 16. Working out now is about having fun and getting results. My biceps, pectorals, my behind, and my body are forever indebted to my soul and its quest for creative by way of music and dance.

Dancing away to jazz and hip hop quenched my sole and was a great source of cardio. Even when I was in least soulful of place in Hollywood, I was always able to find the inner soul to dance and to get hooked automatically. As a result, I have a whole new vision of fitness inside and out. As a result of getting closer to me on the inside I was able to take health to a different level as well.

Other changes include less protein than 2 protein scoops a day, no more creatin (exercise enhancer), less caffeine (tea instead of coffee), no soda, wheat and gluten free products (wheat pasta, wheat bagels) , brown sugar in place of artificial sweeteners, dark chocolate in place of milk chocolate, and organic thinking instead of processed thoughts.

As I write this article I fight the instinct to sit on one of those big bouncy balls and do 20 pushups in between paragraphs. I look forward to the day where every pilates and yoga class will feature a different progressive artist with an accompanying dj. I guess what I am trying to say is that being healthy and being fit means nothing unless you truly enjoy the adventure and make it fun and introspective.

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By Patate on November 22, 2006 at 06:45 am
Very interesting article!
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