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Remembering 9/11

Looking back on an act of evil that changed America.

Like every American, I remember the morning like it was yesterday. My family and I had been in our new house a scant three weeks. The phone rang and since we hadn’t set one up in the master bedroom I had to walk downstairs. The voice on the other end of the line was my mother’s saying that the Libyans had attacked the World Trade Center. By the time I turned on my TV, it had been three hours real time since the attack happened. I got off the phone with my mother and sat and watched what I knew was an event deeply rooted in hate and evil against the United States.

Through the rest of the day, I watched as two 110-storey buildings collapsed burying lower Manhattan in dust and debris. Not in a million years did I believe for a minute that anyone would want to try to convince everyone that it was an inside job. In the back of my mind I knew Osama bin Laden was behind the act of evil. I’d known that he was out to get America for almost a year before the attacks. I’d read an article in Reader’s Digest about how much hate bin Laden harbored for America so it came as no surprise that he turned out to be the responsible party.

As the months passed, we all learned about the heroism of the passengers of Flight 93. More stories about people rushing into the Twin Towers who never made it out were told. The Internet was replete with stories of people who survived – some true, some not. There was the infamous photograph of the tourist standing on the observation deck of Tower 2 with the plane barreling down on the building – one of those artifacts of 9/11 that turned out to be fake. (NOTE: the first place struck the North tower from the north. The observation deck was on the South tower and happened to be closed that day and the photograph should have had the North Tower visible from the angle shown in the photo). The cleanup was still in full swing when lies and disinformation began being touted as fact. Claims that the attack were an inside job began swirling before the smoke stopped billowing out of the debris.

The families of those lost that day could not possibly have known the insults that awaited them. The 9/11 conspiracies have violated those families like a rapist violates his victims. Some say it’s the nature of the beast. That’s not much comfort to those families. They deserve better. The 9/11 attacks were not an inside job. They were perpetrated by Muslim-terrorists filled with vitriolic hate for America and the way of life we have. They formulated this plan to destroy this country. They knew they couldn’t defeat America with a direct attack, so they used the attacks of 9/11 to divide the people of America and defeat America by turning its people on each other.

Looking at the divisiveness of this presidential campaign, the terrorists have won.

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By Lila M. on September 12, 2008 at 03:27 pm

DEC - A very vivid but grim look back into that day.   You said, "Looking at the divisiveness of this presidential campaign, the terrorists have won."   A powerful statement but I don't think it to be true.  I think the divisiveness is also from being undecided with everything the crazy media is throwing out at us, and just not knowing who to vote for.  I'm really torn between the two candidates, I agree with views on both sides.  But I know that it's really an important & defining choice this time around.

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on September 12, 2008 at 06:00 pm

those guys are not forgotten and im glad you wrote your own tribute about it. i remember turning on the television and watching it before the second plane hit the tower. it was so surreal! it threw my whole day off, and from that point on things are not the same. 9/11 is like a modern day pearl harbor.

good write-up champ.

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