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Sarah Stings Obama, While Wooing A Nation

by Amo (writer), New York, September 12, 2008


Not since David slew Goliath, have I witnessed such a skilled and precise verbal dismantling of a once invincible and insulated Barack Obama.

It was by all accounts a masterful display and perhaps one of the best presentations of what this campaign is all about.

Little known Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, followed Hurricane Gustav, on the world stage, and inflicted serious collateral damage of her own, on Obama and company. Her down home-style conversation with the American people stood in stark contrast to Obama’s lofty poetic dissertation.

Even the sitting for each convention, could not have been more different. Where Obama stood between two Styrofoam Greek columns in a huge outdoor stadium with over 80,000 adoring fans, and big name celebrities in attendance. Governor Palin by contrast, simply walked on a bare stage, in a less then impressive hall, waving to her family; she looked directly into the camera and delivered one of the most powerful, and defining speeches, of her lifetime.

Incredibility, this little known Governor with no national exposure and with a malfunction teleprompter, mesmerized a nation with her poise, her charm, and her intellect. She delivered a flawless performance, outlining her own experience as a mayor and later as Governor, and repeatedly stung Obama with a sharp cutting edge wit, usually reserved for seasoned satirists, while all the while wooing her audience, with a captivating smile.

The Obama camp along with the mainstream media had attacked her candidacy days before her acceptance speech, and the radical left mercilessly went after her and her family. They spread falsehoods about her pregnant and unwed 17-year old daughter and the Governor’s own infant child, implying that the child wasn’t her own. The slim machines on the far left were out in full force, while the mainstream media stood buy and did little to set the record strait, and in a few cases reported unsubstantiated rumor as fact.

The mainstream media for its part seemed annoyed with Senator McCain for not disclosing to them Governor Palin’s potential candidacy and that she was on his “short list”. They felt slighted for not being included in the “venting process”. So much so, that they lost any pretence of journalistic integrity and began attacking Governor Palin, many within the media questioned whether Governor Palin was even qualified to be on the McCain ticket, and a few high profile media savvy woman had the mordacity to question Palin’s fitness, as a mother. Moreover, while self-absorbed ideologues were slandering Governor Palin, the left leaning woman’s movement NOW, was nowhere to be seen.

Obviously, a strong, smart, and principled conservative woman who does not subscribe to the far left agenda is viewed differently, and apparently deserves no protection from these self-described advocates of woman right’s. Ironically, while this feeding frenzy was in full force, a slow growing backlash was beginning to take hold across the fruited planes.

“Small town America”, seemed to finally have its fill of the mainstream media, the slim merchants and the ideologues, and once Governor Sarah Palin took center stage at the RNC and introduced herself to the American people, everything changed.

Not only is she an inspirational speaker and an accomplished Chef Executive, she’s also a reformer, taking on special interest groups and weeding out corruption  within her own party, and while she’s only been Governor for less then two years, she has single-handily redefined the political landscape in Alaska.  

This self-described “pit bull” with lipstick, spoke of small-town American values, of faith and family. She reserved her sharpest criticism for Senator Obama, who days before had the audacity to question her qualifications.

I guess a small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibility”, quipped the 44-year old Governor.

What seemed apparent to everyone in the hall and across the nation was that this “hockey mom” is no fluke, she’s the real deal. A successful governor with an almost 80% approval rating within her home state, she’s a reformer and a wife and a mother of 5-children, she’s pro-life, and in that she practices what she believes.

Like her running mate, Governor Palin is  indeed a “maverick”. She has taken on the special interest groups, has routed out corruption in her own party, and has reformed government in her home state; quite an accomplishment for someone berated by the opposition for lack of experience.

Obama has been credited for running an incredibly effective and “smart” campaign, and yet he has made some astounding rookie mistakes. By not reaching out more effectively to his former challenger and fellow Democrat Senator Clinton, he has allowed Senator McCain to fill the void by choosing an accomplished woman as his running mate. Ironically, while Obama continues talking about change, McCain quietly goes about doing just that.


Perhaps it was Obama’s ego or his lack of understanding, or his sense of entitlement that prevented him from at least considering the senator from New York, for the Vice-Presidential slot, in any event, 18-million votes is a sizeable number to disregard.

Astoundingly, Obama and company have now tapped Senator Clinton to be the buffer and challenge Governor Palin.  Apparently Obama and Joe (what’s his name), want nothing to do with the Governor. They would rather have Senator Clinton do the heavy lifting. Perhaps those two gals could square off, sort of like in a mud-wrestling match…so much for equality.  

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6 comments on Sarah Stings Obama, While Wooing A Nation

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By AmyO on September 12, 2008 at 11:41 am

Wow... you obviously didn't watch any of her interview with Charlie Gibson last night where she has no clue what the Bush Doctrine is... So much for the "experience" you talk of. And the only inspirational thing about her speech to the RNC was how well she was able to read the words written by a former Bush cronie. There is nothing "Maverick" about that.

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By Amo on September 12, 2008 at 01:21 pm

Good afternoon Amy,

With all due respect, I suggest you look at her record as Governor.



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By AmyO on September 12, 2008 at 01:46 pm

Well thank you Amo for at least being civil when replying. That is more than most people do on this site. As for her record, I have looked at it, and while she may have done some good things in the state of Alaska in her barely 2 years as Governor, none of that to me spells readiness for VP... especially the VP to a 72 year old President. Just my own personal feelings.

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By Amo on September 13, 2008 at 11:32 pm

Good evening Amy, being civil and showing respect to one’s views is paramount to me, I respect you views…how else do we discuss important issues?

If Governor Palin isn’t ready to be president, what of Senator Obama? Governor Palin is the only Chef Executive in the race, and the only one who’s actually governed and balanced a budget.



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By CCNY on September 16, 2008 at 10:23 pm

"none of that to me spells readiness for VP..."

Readiness for VP?!?!  What does that mean?  Dan Quayle did this "job," for chrissakes, how ready was that fool?  Al Bore also filled this warm-body spot, and that was before he was a hip movie producer.

Are you making the age-ist assumption that because McCain is 72 years old, that he will either (1) be incapable of doing the job as a result of his age, or (2) die in office because he is so decrepitly ancient?

That takes a lot of "mordacity" to assume...


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By Amo on September 17, 2008 at 08:56 pm

Good evening El,

Your observation on what is taking place on this website is obvious and should to be expected. However, be of good cheer, I personally never take a “rating system” or any rating on these websites seriously.

Eventually, almost all of these websites become tainted and infiltrated by extremists. Most ideologues are entrenched in their own biases and cannot deal openly with opposing views; civility is not something they subscribe to, or understand.

They tend to be narrow in their point of view, and extreme in promoting that view. Most thankfully hide in the shadows of anonymity, causing mischief on websites. The more radical hide behind masks causing carnage and violence, as was witnessed at the RNC.

I tend to look at my lower ratings, as a positive…it means I’m having an effect on my friends on the farrrrrrrrr left, and that’s always a good thing.



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