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The Reality Of Voting

by Jimmy Jazz (writer), So. Cal., September 10, 2008

Coming to terms that third party voting is not acknowledged, no matter how badly one wants it.

With a little under two months left until the United States of America votes for its new president the nominees have come down to John McCain (Rep) and Barack Obama (Dem). These are the two most realistic candidates to vote between although many political activists (or people claiming to be political activists) will try and convince voters that there are more candidates that have a chance to win such as Dennis Kucinich (a little more liberal Democrat in many eyes), Ron Paul (a liberal Republican in many eyes), and the ever famous Ralph Nader (last I knew running under Independent). Personally, I would love the choice of more candidates then having the "either/or" choice every four years especially when it was like the last election between Bush and Kerry. The reality is though we don't have that choice between 3 or more candidates, maybe someday, but not now. Money talks and whoever has more money gets more mic time-hence why a lot of the candidates such as Kucinich, Paul, Nader, etc. are not on the news. This is the reality but it's not like people should give up on hope that there will one day be more candidates to choose from than either this guy or that guy or this lady and that lady. But as for now we currently have to work with what we're given with.

With a struggling economy, a war that will be going on for 6 years by March 2009 and with the bill of rights basically replaced with the Patriot Act, the American registered voters who actually vote have to realize this important detail:
Your Vote Will Impact The Next 4 Years. This statement is so true but not acknowledged, the same as we know a red light means to stop yet many people still run through them. Many people vote as if to fulfill some sort of self-rightious, egotistic, narcissistic, self-pleasuring feeling in them acting as if their vote gave some sort of orgasmic pleasure and then brag about their vote as if their political masturbation was actually progress towards the human race. For example; the people who have the "I told you so" attitude all the time so they vote for a third party candidate so if or when something goes wrong this narcissistic voter can shout from the mountains-"I told you so, this is why I didn't vote for him." Personally, I see this as the coward way out of taking responsibility for the wrong in the world and in our Country.

"I didn't vote for this president so I'm not responsible for war, aids, homeless people, global warming, etc." is all I hear when they say stuff like "don't look at me, I voted for Nader." You have to be realistic and realize whether you voted for a certain politician or not that you are responsible for his/her actions in office the same way our history books say the German public were responsible for Hitler's power. It's your name, the rest of the American public image to the world and the issues that will affect us in the future that is on the line.

In the 2000 Presidential Election Ralph Nader was blamed for Gore allegedly losing the election although I think this is untrue because people who tend to vote for third party candidates will usually never vote for mainstream candidates in the Democratic and Republican party. So even if Nader wasn't running in 2000 there's a good chance third party voters would have voted for another third party or just not vote at all. In 2004 all hell broke loose when it came to voting for the next President. Celebrity filled organizations such as Rock the Vote, Vote or Die, and Punk Voter got thousands upon thousands of young people to register to vote. Although Vote or Die and Punk Voter encouraged their newly register voters to vote Democrat, the whole point of registering these young crazy kids was for they can participate in the greatest thing in the world-Democracy. A lot of these cool kids did go out and vote in 2004. Many of them tired of the war and the Bush Administration that they voted Democrat. Others were so upset that they took it a step further and voted for a third party. Take that mainstream America!

Justin Sane, lead singer of the political punk band Anti-Flag, wrote in one of his blogs the feelings he has when realizing the importance of the 2008 election and why he's "voting against Godzilla-sized evil." Justin always being open minded to alternative candidates and alternative political ideologies writes in his blog how he doesn't vote for the "lesser evil" in elections but has learned from past elections and feels this upcoming election is too important to vote for a third party candidate as he says in a message to his fellow voters;

"I can admit to and learn from my mistake and that means voting for Obama. When it comes to the rest of you who can't bring yourself to vote for Obama...,I feel your pain but my friends it is time for you to do something very important... GET A GRIP ON REALITY!!!" (

Justin goes on to talk about some points that the next president will be able to do in the next 4 years, things such as increasing or ceasing the war in Iraq and appointing as many as three Supreme Court Justices. This is coming from a punk rocker who supported third party candidates in 2000 and 2004 and is now realizing the harsh reality of voting and it's impact on not just America but also the world.

This is the reality that we live in. Right now, in 2008, we find ourselves in the same predicament as we did in 2000 and 2004. All of us, young and old, have the power to vote and create change. Sorry if I just sounded like an Obama speech right there but it's true. We have the choice to vote for a third party candidate in this election also but as history has taught us is that third party votes are not acknowledged and we have to come to the un-fair reality that our Democracy is a two party system for now and that we can only work with the tools and the politicians that we are given. So think about the options that we have right now and about the issues that will come up in the next four years.

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