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Mo' Than A Cup Of Joe...

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, September 05, 2008


An authentic coffee haven

A writer's wish is a true sanctuary where they can write with mental freedom...and get published.

There's open space, nice lighting, low key surroundings, cool music that isn't intrusive and includes all from blues to oldies, minimal distractions from customers in conversation, an unhurried atmosphere, caffeine in varied formats, and the hum of the espresso machine that almost assists the writer articulate their thoughts.

Groundwork Coffee at Traction and 3rd Street is in the very core of the Arts district in downtown Los Angeles. You can stop and chill out with a great cup of coffee, a red eye (coffee with a shot of espresso), have a snack, or lunch. The hang out is very conducive for writing, reflecting, sending an email from your laptop, couples grabbing a smooch, and ...the most refreshing of all...people writing, reading and communing. Some of the clientele are tapping their toes and actually listening to the music offered by musician Wilson Pickett belt out the Blues and Oldies over the intercom.

Nothing against Starbucks....but this space is an old fashion coffee house with just a touch of 21st century flavor. There's something for everyone - non-caffeine devotees as well.

The artwork on the brick walls is black and white still portraits of people and it is left to the imagination to interpret the artists' message. The crowd at Groundwork is diverse as downtown L.A. There's the 9 to 5 crew on a break from work, a few individuals (like me) that appear off for the day, and everyone else.

Indeed, a very refreshing place with wood floors, tables, and chairs, an old fashion typewriter on one of the bar tables. I even saw people busing their own tables in a sort of conscientious manner.

What a cool way to spend part of the day on my birthday - September 3rd. presenting opportunity to write, relax, have a "red eye" and listen to the bass work over the intercom of a great artist to my heart's content.

Oh yeah, I highly recommend Groundwork for just unwinding and a great cup of Joe.

There are a few other locations in the Los Angeles, Hollywood and Santa Monica area. Check it out.

811 Traction Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90189 (213) 626-8650

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