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Why I Switched To Linux

by Adler (writer), Phoenix, Arizona, November 20, 2006

The Hated, the Frustrated, and Personal Initiative – How things will change.

I'm not a writer, but do things – like all those others out there e.g. run / work / play / have a life / use a computer. I don't hate, was frustrated, and took the Linux plunge because of what I mentioned. I took the personal initiative.

Linux works in real-life / real-time and helps me do things.

Simply it does things for me that I always wanted to do. Once you get involved, the end result is simply amazing. No one lead me by the hand – but I took the personal initiative. I had no budget, but always asked why can't I do this, or that, with all the Microsoft software that I bought, or was handed to me. Oh, I have had at a time one, or two large budgets. And paid for licenses all over the planet.

Meanwhile I started to get frustrated. Lots of things to do, and pay for out there. But, no help. Developing a business became a problem.

There are a lot of buzz-words out there and one of those is OpenSource. That means Linux to me. I took the plunge. All too often, what is never mentioned, is the additional word Community. More about that later – let me go on to the use of Linux.

Here is a great example. I've always looked to Spell Check my e-mails in multiple languages. The reason is I have worked Internationally (Globally) for a good deal of my life, and always, always wanted to spell check my e-mails in American English (not the Queen's, but the President's), stay in contact with my son in Germany, and deal with my Hispanic friends. Plus throw in the occasional French phrase. All spell checked.

Now, as a thinking individual, go try to find a solution with Microsoft. I'll bet you can't. My solution Evolution. Hey that rhymes. Can you imagine after having dealt with the largest, most monopolistic software company on the planet, and my multiple phone conversations with their Tech Support?

Hey, we have all been there, done that, and have the T-Shirt. C'mon guys – get with the program, it's a small world after all. Wasn't that once a big hit song from a Disney film? I truly think that Microsoft has become too – what would the right word be here? Perhaps too something or other. I don't want to beat them up, but the shift came to me a while back. I had ideas in mind and wanted to do something.

They don't call it a PC – Personal Computing -- without a reason. I've found my PC. It is now all OpenSource.

Next, I hate having to buy all those additional programs / applications so that I can create a .pdf, burn a CD, DVD, let alone have a good Office Suite of programs. That's not counting going on the search for a good secure browser, virus scanner, firewall, running disk fragmenters, checking on virii, adware, spyware, malware, root kits. Oh, and the ever popular Microsoft up-dates.

First things first – OpenOffice. Result perfect. There are the haters out there that complain about Excel spreadsheet conversions, but I've often enough been stuck with Excel – as an application itself. If some one can't convert a Word .doc, they never had the slightest clue what was done in the first place. And they need professional help, and a life.

Ever tried talking to Microsoft about trying to do anything with Outlook, like trying to do a mass e-mail to clients, getting them the latest NewsLetter? You can do that with Mail Merge in Word, but not with Outlook. Another search...

This is only a portion of the reasons that I run UBUNTU. I ran SuSE Pro, SuSE SLED, and other OpenSource Linux operating systems.

My newest friend is the OpenSource Communities. Funny word there. Lot's of great support. My other friend is Google. A long time ago people were stuck with issues, but now we can do a “Google”. This time around everyone can do it and save themselves a good deal of time, effort and frustration dealing without Microsoft. Non-frustrating.

I'm known as “Adler” in about 3 – 4,000 posts. Adler means “Eagle” in German, which I speak fluently. But, we all speak English – globally.

Imagine if Dell stopped shipping their Desktop PCs with Microsoft, but Novell, UBUNTU, or others dropped into the scene. A sort of Hello – Please call these numbers for support concerning your Computer. None of this has to do with the Third World. I've lived there, and the $100 PC, The Third World, Europe, Asia, Japan, China, already know which way to go, and that is Linux. You going to call Microsoft Tech Support from there?

Consider me a citizen of the world – OpenSource that is. We like to get things done. And, can do it ourselves.

der Adler – the Eagle

Phoenix, Arizona

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By Ariel on November 21, 2006 at 12:34 am
I use Linux on a daily basis. Do you think it can be used by anyone (without any technical background)?
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By Adler on November 22, 2006 at 09:40 am
Ariel, Well, the short answer is maybe. LOL! The Linux distributions out there have greatly improved over the past several years. Vastly improved. Installation is faster, and more complete in regard to applications (e.g. OpenOffice comes standard with all Lunux distros) than installing a Microsoft operating system. However, most people can't install an Operating System. The answer is some type of Technical Assistance, which can be found in the Linux Forums. There is an amazing amount of free support out there. I foresee the day when someone, like Dell, ships systems with Linux, and the Operating System becomes transparent, as is the MS OS today. People just want to use applications, not tweak an OS. Google is trying to eliminate the need for an OS, and applications by just making everything Web Accessable. Basically, you need a certain sense of adventure, as well as, frustration to take the plunge. I did. And, have held a few hands along the way. I have tried to spread the Word @
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By Ariel on November 22, 2006 at 07:52 pm
Yeah Linux is still hard to install and configure. The hardware support is still very bad, compared to Microsoft's OS. However, once installed and setup, I agree that Linux is much better than Windows. With the help of a manufacturer like Dell and a big name like Google (there are rumors of a Google OS based on Linux), Linux could reach a larger public if it's shipped preinstalled on computers. But for now, it's still a toy for techies.
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By Adler on November 22, 2006 at 08:51 pm
Well, we used to say Linux was for "Enthusiasts". LOL! That, from my days with Novell's SuSE. Novell even said that -- they've since changed their mind. And, worked out some type of deal with MS (I keep wanting to type M$). Here MS wants to work with Novell. Linux covers everything involved in computing, from the back-end to the Desktop. The Desktops are now amazing, and look like Science Fiction. Much better -- and far less resource intensive -- than the new VISTA from MS. Actually, a good deal of the Linux Distros out there will keep older PCs going forever. I'm sure most realiize the issue of WinTel -- MS builds it, and Intel keeps having to come up with faster Chip(set). So, people keep thinking that the need to buy a new PC -- ever notice what you buy it is never faster than the older model? I have. I have seen estimates that say that 50% of the PCs out there can't run VISTA. It doesn't really work that way with a Linux OS. Sure I'm running a Hi-Speed Wireless Network, and have max RAM, an AMD 64-Bit chip. But, I'm a "techie" kind of guy. I just keep piling it on an it never slows down. Cool! VISTA wants to take MS to 64-Bit computing, but everyone will have to wait for Intel to use the patents that they bought from AMD. AMD is making good head way into processors. So good -- Intel laid-off 10,000 people lately. I've been through the Hardware issue before, but there is a simple solution. Check if all your Hardware is Linux friendly @ your local Geek Shop. Or, as I said before check into a Forum. I'd go to the UBUNTU Forums first. If all systems are go -- go for it, but you do need that little bit of up-front period of asking questions. This IS a major re-think of life with a computer. The same applies to a new PC purchase. Avoid "Buyers Remorse" by making a PC purchase less than an "Impulse" type of deal. People buy a new PC, then discover that they need to buy another $300.00 in Software to purchase MS Office. Or CD / DVD burning Software. Then there is the issue of buying a Virus / Firewall subscription e.g. Norton. Can't "Rip" a CD, DV, create MP3s, buy something else. You are right about the Google issue. My computing news feeds keep me up on this. If Google went OpenSource with Linux there would be such a paradigm shift that tomorrow we would be saying -- Microsoft? Who cares about the OS? MS does. Things will change. Our little exchange is NOTHING compared to the ones that are going on @ the highest levels of the Hardware / Software Industries. Hey -- Linux is OpenSource -- that is Free. I think that the last time that I checked there were 6,500 free applications. I really think that people today ARE techies. They have to be to run any type of M$ (oops) system. That was intended -- M$ -- is expensive, and keeping up with them requires a new PC purchase. I've decided to go another way, and ask around to see what worked for me, saved a ton of money, made great friends in the process, finally got into Web Publishing, etc. Thanks for the exchange -- I'm sure that you are running a PHP scripted Blog, based off LAMP. Right?
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