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Iranian-American Inner Revolution

by maceo manhattan (writer), Los Angeles, November 20, 2006

Let me be brutally honest. I am not a big fan of the Iranian community. For starters being acknowledged by a fellow Iranian has more to do with what car you own than with being a good person. Do not get me wrong, I am very proud to be an Iranian American as well as an Iranian Jewish American. I must though note that there are a lot of stuck up Iranian Jewish kids out there (most of them Jewish) who have a lack of respect for authority and so forth. At the same time, one just needs to walk into an Lapd office to feel the "foreign like" feeling that emerges between the "citizen" and "officer". When you bring together ethnic bigotry, brotherhood, and the badge you get a cocktail concocted by a date rapist.

Growing up I never truly understood my fellow Iranian "brothers". I always remember there being a competition over whose parents had the biggest house, the best car, and the finest possessions. As I grew up I realized that my parents represented both sides of the Persian spectrum; my dad was a hard working engineer and my mom's family had a lot of money. Often times, I was confused which side was right. At the age of 28, I realized that being Iranian is a bit of everything; the majority of which is education and money. I would say that money though is 60 percent which makes it the majority.

What makes the Iranian American citizen such an interesting one is the divide between Muslims and Jews. Back in Iran, Jews were seen as dirty and different. With the dawn of 911 we now see a reversal of roles. Iranian Jews are seen as not only non Arabs but scholars while Iranian Muslims are seen as Arabs even though they are just Arab as Iranian Jews. So where am I going with this? Well, being an ucla alumnus I am familiar with the Iranian Jewish v. Muslim rift. However, there is one recent event that has brought both together.

The most unlikely source, the police have brought Iranian Jews to support Iranian Muslims in the name of humanity. The tazoring incident that took place last week at Ucla's Powell library appears to may have been an incident of racial profiling and has in fact brought all types of races together. Many Chinese, African, and white students witnessed the unnecessary tazing of Iranian American Ucla student. There does appear to be some evidence that this student did make a scene in and out of the library. Can you really blame him for sticking up for his first amendment rights?

How do both officers plan on explaining their actions to the Ucla Pd chief? Was this guy really a threat? What evidence did they have that he was not a student? Whatever the case maybe, the lapd appears to have brought Iranians closer with themselves as well as other minorities. What if the tables were turned and the Iranian student used a tazor on these guys? It does seem that the incidence does in fact stand for the minority hold the tazor gun to the hearts of quick to judge Lapd officers.

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