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America Under Surveillance: Creating Modern Slavery

by Lumiere (writer), NYC, August 22, 2008


"If you give up your Liberty for Security, you will eventually lose both your Liberty and your Security." ~ Benjamin Franklin

In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, Britain is under a socialist totalitarian regime the continuously invokes and creates a perpetual war.  Not unlike how our U.S. Attorney General is requesting to declare a new global war. In the context of the story, the perpetual war is used as a pretext for subjecting the people to mass surveillance, similar to the new RFID chips for tracking humans and invasive police searches. During the process, the police state destroys not only literal freedom or expression of speech but also literal freedom of thought.

When a government excercises repressive control over the economic, social, and political life (via electronic ballots / rigged elections ie... 2000 Presidential Election) of the population, potentially by means of a secret police force (legislation is currently being created to allow Posse de Coups to interfere in US civil matters) all of which operates outside of the boundaries of the Constitution, is refered to as a Police State.

Is the United States becoming a police state? A police state exhibits elements of social control, totalitarianism, and dictatorship. There is no distinction between the law and the excerise of political power by the executive. US Congressman Ron Paul said to the House of Representatives on June 27, 2002,

"...Is America a Police State?" 

My answer is: "Maybe not yet, but it is fast approaching."

Across cities in America, police cameras are popping up at intersections, stop lights, highways, commercial buildings and even schools. In New York City, the police department is currenly pushing legislation to eliminate the need for a search warrant (also unconstitutional) and the city has more than 4,000 street level cameras from the West Village down to Battery Park. According to Matt Faiella of the New York Civil Liberties Union, " I would believe the number has dramatically increased." The NYPD has a goal to install 3,000 additional cameras and thousands more to create a database of peoples movements and license plates. All of which will supposedly protect the city against "terrorism."  

Ironically, Terrorism is defined as;  1) A person who terrorizes or frightens others  2) A radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities.

Terrifying is the thought of our every move being constantly monitored by a government our tax dollars pay to employ. My question to you as a citizen is, who exactly are the terrorists? Only a terrorist on Capitol Hill would use our Democracy and Constitution like a piece of toilet paper to rip away our civil liberites. 

Voting away our liberties in order to protect ourselves from " terrorism" is ludicrious and unwise. Do we really want to become more like the United Kingdom, which some consider the most surveilled country in the world? We too could have continuous surveillance, long term detainment without trial (wait, the US Senate already achieved this with the suspension of the Writ of Habeus Corpus), biometric identity cards and peaceful protests with the authorization of the Metropolitan Police.  Is this the America we want our children to inherit?  One in which they remain not free to live as they choose but under the constant surveillance, control and watch of the police and government?

Absolutely not.  Fear of death is no excuse to give up our civil liberties when the truth about life is we are all living on borrowed time.  I prefer not to live a life under constant surveillance by a government intending to enslave my freedom if I do not live as an obedient and monitored citizen. My grandfather did not fight in WWII to create a US Police State. My ancestors did not shed their blood in the Battle of the Alamo to live in Oppression, to be watched by government cameras not in fear of the enemy but in fear of their own people uprising and causing a revolution. My family and thousands of others died for Freedom.  Freedom to be unrestrained; politically, economically, mentally, financially, religiously. There was no other option, it was either; Freedom, Death or Slavery.

Freedom allows us to take our day to day blessings for granted, our civil liberties so easily forgotten, causes hundreds of thousands of people to risk their lives to touch American soil whether it be by boat or raft across oceans, or by foot through the deserts of Mexico. The Freedom to live where you choose, when you choose, to move freely with personal liberty, without oppression, not monitored government bondage. Government Surveillance of civilians only guarantees the slavery of millions.   Those who are not free, those under the constant watch of a police state become slaves.  American History, need only remind you of what happens to any slave who gets out of line. 

Now imagine our Government as the master

America is not meant to be a Corporatized Government of Absolute Control of the 'monitored' people, it is a Democracy. A Democracy our country must remain if we are to remain free.  It is not in the nature as citizens to be obedient, fearful, branded, robots.  Just watch V for Vendetta if you want to see a police state at it's fullest potential or even read a book about the strategy behind the Holocaust. There is a very good book called, "Who Financed Hitler" by James Pool. Did you know that Prescott Bush (our Presidents grandfather) and the Rothschilds helped fund Hitler and the Nazi Party? Interesting. Well, history need not repeat itself again if we remain politically aware and teach our children to also be aware of the responsibility that comes with protecting our civil liberties and Freedom.

Citizens need not be under constant surveillance, what we really need is more 'Citizen Watch' spy cameras in the White House; all over Capitol Hill, the Senate, State Governments, Police, FBI, CIA, etc. in order to monitor out tax dollars at work, battle internal corruption and embezzlement. Are our Government Representatives working their 40 hour work week, how long are their lunch / bathroom breaks? What exactly is their vacation time? How many absences do they have- sick days etc.? Are they on time to their meetings? Do they ever steal office supplies?  We would really like to see their monthly expense reports.  We the citizens, want an emergency 'Constitutional Reset Button' for perceived internal acts of treason voted into law by elected officials whose intentions are to steal our liberties. Cameras in all the meeting rooms would also be nice. Along with an interactive forum listing all the important legislation and proposed bills effecting our lives- updated daily. What about a weekly listing of what our representatives have voted on. With all of our modern technology; chat rooms, social platforms, YouTube access, video capabilities etc, we could create a Fully Visible Government.  Just Imagine the possibilities to speak with your Government Representatives one-on-one via web cam to ask questions in real time about issues that are important to YOU.  The possibilities are endless.... Do you think the Bill Gates team would be up for the challenge?

Our tax dollars do pay government salaries and our elected officials work for us. Perhaps we should monitor our government employees more closely, to also protect them from 'terrorism."  

About the Writer

Native Texan full of Southern Charm, ;) Art Director and Fashion Photographer with a background in Luxury Apparel. Producer of a Television show called " Art4Charity " that spotlights Philanthropists, non-profits, volunteers, and companies doing positive deeds around the world. Volunteer Art Therapy teacher to homeless children and activist.
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2 comments on America Under Surveillance: Creating Modern Slavery

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By AmyO on September 01, 2008 at 02:25 am

I totally agree with you. Bush has violated so many of our constitutional amendments with his surveillance its scary.

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By fletcherhobbs on September 07, 2008 at 05:55 am

This article would have been relevant a year ago. It is stale now. (1)The U.S. banking system is 7 trillion dollars in debt. (2)Your money will be useless in six months. (3)A false flag attack is already planned and there will be the detonation of a dirty bomb in the north central U. S. where impending radiation run off from snow melt into the Mississippi river will create enough anxiety for the masses to "demand" that Hitler...I mean FEMA... take over. (4)The President will assume total authority via his unvoted on, or ratified Presidential directive 51 (which was brought online on march the 19th 2008).

  Did you not notice that the feds are redirecting your television airwaves to go over satellite, this winter? Many cities have been practicing for nuclear hazards already. The Government controls all satellite transmissions, via the NSA chips which were required to be installed on all new communication satellites since Al Gore slipped that one under the public's nose in a midnight session way back, even "before" he took credit for inventing the internet. Homeland Security was given the airwave that the U.S. citizens own so that they will not be able to communicate to each other outside of the over satellite communications when the total takeover happens. Get a shortwave reciever with a crank handle for power. Learn Morse code. I gets through even jammed areas. (I was a radio operator in the army, so I know)

Drain your bank acounts (if you still can) Put away stores of food and water, buy swiss or german money, of just get the heck out of here (another continent) if you can. Most of all wake up....NOW!

I wish I could be as numb as you guys and just enjoy my last six months, or less, comforting in the illusion of freedom. Or believe I could change the already planned outcome that is in store for this nation of plundered, unconcious fools by whipping "my" government into shape.

I volunteered for the army during the Viet Nam war knowing I would be sent there to fight for my country. I have no criminal record and am not mentally ill, but I do have a health condition now. It is called a sad heart.  I miss the wonderful country I grew up in.

Paul Simon once wrote in a song " Oh, and when I think of the road we're travelling on, I wonder what went wrong....I can't help it..I wonder....what went wrong".

in a cigar raspy voice: "Say goodnight Gracie."

and in a sweet, dumb, female voice..."Goodnight Gracie"

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