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Numerology- The Mystery Of Alphabets And Numbers.

by Seema Upadhyay (writer), Mumbai, August 13, 2008


Numerology is the study of the occult significance of numbers. As we know everything around us has energy. Numbers too have vibratory energy.  It is possible that the numbers are a descriptive code or representation of a force determining people’s behavior at this time numerology does not allow for scientific explanation but the consistent congruence between a persons numbers and that persons characteristics and life’s experiences have given credence to this science of numbers.

Well to understand the science of numerology and it’s working for the commoners like us; I decided to meet Dr.Mrs Trupti Jayin who is practicing it since several years. She is a classic example of the old saying; “practice before you preach”; Dr.Trupti changed her surname from Jain to Jayin and its helped not just her practice of psychiatry but also in improving her relationships with her near and dear ones. Here she gives us an insight on numerology.


1. How, when and where did it numerology originate?

 Numerologists believe that the field of numerology can be traced back to over 10,000 years. The centuries old Hebrew Kabala also deals with the subject. This has a wonderful association with the tarot which originated in the 13 century. Pythagoras in Greece too some 2,600 years ago is credited with formulating a very mathematical system. Considering that a mathematician got interested in it must mean that there is some occult equation in this. The modern day phase began with L.Dow.Balliet, an American woman in Atlantic City, N.J who published several books on the subject at the turn of the century.

2. How does it affect an individual?

The inert vibratory effect of the numbers creates a change in the energy field of the person. Just like in astrology we believe the positions of the planets at the person’s birth affects the person’s traits or the lines of the palm can predict the various characteristics so in numerology it is believed that the name and birthdates will reveal more about the person. 

3. Which areas of life does it affect meaning personal relationships, professional?

Using numerology you can discover a person’s strengths and weakness, deep inner needs, emotional reactivity, ways of dealing with others, talents. You can become aware of your own character and learn to understand how to deal with employers, lovers, friends and family. You can find out what potential energy you have and what type of stressors could come into your life. You can determine the best times to get married, change jobs, move and speculate.

4. How does one find a good numerologist?

That is a very tricky question. There are many that are available in the city. You need to know what method is he following and how much time he can give you. There are some famous ones who give you a computerized report and don’t even meet you. The trust that you have in a person matters. This trust is formed when the person spends some time and tells you more about your life. Most of them just change your name and tell you to follow it. But numerology can reveal so many other aspects of your life. You need to research on your own about what is it that you are looking for?. A quick fix solution to change you destiny or to create an understanding so that you know yourself better and then deal with the problem.

5. Since it known to have positive effects does it also have negative effects? If so how does one combat them?

There are no negative effects if the name number is harmonized correctly with the birth date. The key is to believe that you are this new name and write the name down 21 times in a book for at least 3 months to create positive results. There is no need to change the name in legal papers as they don’t have very active vibrationary energy because you don’t use it everyday. It is dormant. You can start using your new name in signing other papers in the office, courier, e-mail and sms. This if done frequently contains the energy of the new name and will energize the vibrations to work for you.

6. Who is an ideal candidate to change a spelling in a name personally n professionally?

 Everyone must understand the power of vibratory energy as we are a large body of atoms and molecules and contain the energy of the universe. All of us must harmonize our name to create harmony. There are no negative effects if done correctly. Some one who is going through a tough time must definitely seek to create harmony. Some aspect of his life will move to a positive direction which will help other events to change.

7. There are many numerologist offering advice today? How does one differentiate a genuine master of numerology from the quacks who want to make easy money?

For a patient who goes to a doctor he may not recognize a quack but when the illness worsens they tend to go to a specialist. For numerology too there are many who just follow a very simplistic solution. Change the name number to 3, 6, 9 and you will be fine. Generalizations do not work. Each of us is unique and so are our needs. It is for the person to research a little and then decides for himself. Anyway I believe that when you are really in need and pray you will be lead to the master. Genuineness is always rewarded.

9. Any you me few examples of people who have benefited personally and professionally by using your advice n suggestions?

There have been many who have come and benefited at different levels. One case was quite interesting and so I can share it with the person permission. Manish son of a high profile industrialist came to me for advice. He said that all his efforts don’t seem to yield any results. He wanted to start a social service program to benefit the tehsil on his grandfather’s property. Manish was always told by his family that he was very much like his grandfather who was a philanthropist. His name was written using his grandfather’s name in the middle. When I calculated his numbers it was seen that with his grandfather’s name in the middle he was getting a karmic debt in all his years. Somehow the energy of his grandfather’s name with his own indicated that Manish was carrying a karmic debt and thus carrying forward his grandfather’s work. This was not  giving him peace of mind.? Are children supposed to carry the burden and baggage of their parents? I asked him if he would like to approach his life in a different manner. He agreed that it had been a burden. So I dropped his grandfather’s name. Surprisingly the karmic debt numbers disappeared from his name. He now had his own energy. His life has been better and he is pursuing the dream that he has of creating a more empowered village the way he would like.

Another case is of an actor. She was unable to come to terms with the loss of her son who had separated from her. She needed to be at peace and also understand when he could come back if ever. Helping her to understand the reasons why her life has been that way was a task first. Then to see her numbers and change them to get her to be more accepting of the situation. It took some time but her son and she have mended ways.

People say that numbers 8 and 4 are doomsday numbers. This is untrue. No number is bad. Every number is meant to teach you your karmic lessons. If you are not learning means that the harmony is not good. I know someone whose numbers are 888 and she is highly spiritual and very balanced. 8 and 1 will create material and spiritual balance. 88 -1 will roll in money and 888 will give psychic powers.

Being a science graduate, I need logical reasoning to accept any changes that are suggested to me. I decided to consultant Dr.Jayin and she suggested that I drop the “Y” in my surname. She also asked me to sign my full signature 21 times everyday. This was done so to bring in more harmony in my life. Well from now I have decided to drop the “Y” from my surname in the hope that my editor reads this and in absolute harmony gives me an appraisal. As suggested by Dr.Jayin, the visible effect of the change in name takes 2-3 months and if lady luck bestows her blessings on me; you will be the first ones to know.

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