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What Is The Point

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 19, 2006

Yesterday (Saturday, November 18) an 18-year-old man was gunned down in a driveway in El Monte. Sheriff's deputies ruled the shooting "gang related" and began a man-hunt (or would it be "person-hunt" since one of the three shooters is female?) for three individuals. As of now, I have not heard whether or not there are any new developments in this story.

One question that keeps coming back to my mind in all of this is, "What was the point?" Why would three people pull up along side a pedestrian and open fire on the guy? Are the shooters lost in their own little world where they can randomly shoot someone and somehow magically when they press the "reset" button, that person will be back where he was before being shot? That only happens in video games and in some cases requires inserting another quarter.

I don't get it. The gang mentality, I mean. What is the point of being a thug when the only two possible outcomes is you either end up in jail or dead -- and in some cases, you get the jackpot, you go to jail and while you're in there someone kills you because you killed his little sister.

Is that to what our society has deteriorated -- kids murdering each other in cold blood? Has our society become so vulgar that human life has no meaning on the streets? The guy who got beat up by the police two weeks ago should consider himself lucky that he was beaten by the police and not murdered by some gang member mistaking him for a rival. I'm not saying the guy deserved the beating (or maybe he did. As a former college professor of mine used to say, I don't know, I wasn't there) but if one had a choice between getting the snot beat out of him by police or being murdered in cold blood by some stupid gang member, I'm thinking he might take the beating.

At what point did America decide to forsake its children and give them up for slaughter at the altar of gang life? Gangs are home-grown terrorists that walk the streets of America with impunity, knowing that the cops can't touch them and the general populous fears them. They carry guns, wear clothes that don't fit right, hats turned the wrong way and listen to garbage that requires the entire trunk of their car to be converted into a bass reflex system so they can play that filth loud enough to rattle grandma's teeth in the next county.

The gangs of today are selfish, stupid, sophomoric little punks who have no clue about the real world. To them, the more illegitimate children they father the more of a man they think they are. They have no sense of responsibility or duty. The think the world owes them a living. All in all, they suffer only from delusions of grandeur and it could all be cured with a swift blow to the head with a two-by-four.

Gangs are made up of kids whose parents are as irresponsible as the kids themselves. Those parents chose to ignore their parents and went out to "have fun" and can't handle the responsibility of parenthood. They chose to reject their parents' teaching and now think the world owes them and their gang kids a living.

It's a good thing I'm not in charge of the world. I'd build bigger cemeteries and there would be a return to the old west style of capital punishment. When someone was found guilty of murder or something equally as heinous in a court in the old west, when the judge's gavel came down your butt was hauled out back of the courthouse and you were strung up like a side of beef right then. Lawyers weren't allowed to tie up the court system with forty years of appeals. In fact, you were lucky if there was a lawyer within fifty miles of your trial and you could even get him there. It would certainly clean out our prisons in a hurry, that's for sure. No more waiting on death row, I'd put in an express lane and have a coffin works right across the street building simple pine boxes.

America has gone soft on criminals and that is why gangs rule the streets. The nation has become soft, weak and spineless when it comes to dealing with criminals -- especially recidivists with a history of murder, rape, violence and the like. In California it costs almost $14,000 to take care of a criminal on death row. Just how many bullets would that $14,000 buy? How much rope would that buy?

And then there is the anti-gun lobby. These thumb-sucking crybabies want to take away the citizen's right to own a firearm. I am in favor of requiring everyone who wants to own a gun be required to have for it, just like you are for your car. You have to renew your license every four years and if you kill someone in cold blood with a gun, license revoked permanently – of course you won't need it because your sorry butt would be hanging from a white oak tree before sundown. Of course there is the option that you do not have to own a gun. That is your right as well, but if you don't want to own one, don't come tell me I have to give up mine! Do you know how many of those stupid little gang punks would walk away if they knew the general population was armed? It would make it a lot harder for them to walk in and knock over a 7-11 if everyone in there had a gun!

The thumb-sucking crybabies are sighing with relief right now that I am not in charge of things. I know, I just heard the collective sigh rush by like the hot Santa Ana Winds.

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By AM Nelson on November 19, 2006 at 11:02 pm
How about cremation? Hoodlums aren't worthy of a plot's real estate. Although I am strongly against violence, I'd go to the hangings with you. Or perhaps let's Shanghai a few of these troublemakers instead of allowing street terrorization and denture shattering. Agreed.
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