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When Retirement Really Isn't Retirement

by tmoya (writer), Torrance, August 10, 2008


My Thursday morning started with ESPN’s SportsCenter; watching the spectacle that Brett Favre has lately become. At his first press conference, as a member of the New York Jets, Brett took some parting shots at the Green Bay Packers that traded him this week. Perhaps the sleepy fog had yet to lift in my head. Did I miss Brett taking sole responsibility for initiating the events of the last couple of weeks, while I stumbled to get my first cup of coffee?
I can’t recall a recent sports figure that’s caused me to shake my head and laugh under my breath more than Brett. I sadly think the time has come to bury the image of the great sport legends. You know the legends that I’m talking about; you see them in the grainy archive films whenever the sports leagues talk about their “glorious past”. In the NFL those legends had names like Starr, Unitas, Montana – guys that played beaten and battered, walked the talk, and made no excuses. For sixteen years it appeared that Brett was one of these guys.
Sure, for the last several seasons Favre fans endured the annual “I think it’s time to retire” derby sponsored by Brett, which goes to shows how starved sports fans are for legends that we willing overlook their eccentricities. Watching Brett at this press conference, smiling and showing off his new Jets jersey, made me realize the guy has no clue and even less integrity. This last March when it appeared that Brett was running his last derby, Brett tearfully and officially retired. I almost cried every time SportsCenter ran the clip of that tearful goodbye. Brett has hung-out with one too many Mississippi crocodiles that he now cries like a croc. Or maybe this whole retirement deal was a crock, and Brett was just running the reverse on all of us. Who knows? Who cares?
What I believe? In this era of big contracts, endorsement deals, and free agency things like integrity continue to fade farther into the sidelines. Big athletes, like Brett, reinforce the notion that a different logic applies to athletes. In my world, people are accountable for what they say. In the sports world, what an athlete says doesn’t even need to exist in the same division as what he does. What a wonderful example to all those Green Bay kids that look up to Brett – kiddies don’t believe what an adult says. In fact, it’s okay to say one thing and do another as long as you get what you want in the end. This is the stuff of our modern day sports legends.
I am a football fan, so I will watch when Brett takes the field for the Jets. If by some miracle he makes the Jets competitive, again I’ll shake my head and laugh under my breath. Brett Farve as a sports legend? I retired that opinion on Thursday morning, and it will not come out of retirement any time soon.

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