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Obama Is Out Of Touch

by D. E. Carson (writer), , August 06, 2008

Presumptive Democratic displays qualification for lead role in Clueless 2.


Last week Barack Obama said that Americans could lower their demand for gas and oil if they would “get regular tune ups and inflate their tires.”

When America stopped laughing itself stupid over Obama’s brilliant energy plan, people began ridiculing him – not because properly inflated tires are a legitimate fuel conservation tactic, but because Obama thinks Americans are that stupid.  All he did was prove how much of a moron he is. 

First of all, half of his recommendation does not apply to the majority of cars on the road today.  How long has it been since you thought about needing a tune up on your car?  Most automobile owner’s manuals don’t recommend any kind of tune up before 50,000 miles and a major tune up at 100,000 miles.  HELLO?  Senator Obama, white courtesy clue phone, Senator Obama, there is a call for you on the white courtesy clue phone.  Proof that Obama is out of touch.

Then, Obama has the audacity (of hope) that people will pay attention to him and make sure that their tires are properly inflated.  Oh, that implies that the myriad commercials that have been produced since the 1970’s telling us over and over to properly inflate our tires are ineffective.  It is as if hearing it from Obama is supposed to make us all go, “Gee! I never thought of that!”  So, Obama is now implying that all Americans are morons incapable of discerning fuel saving tips for themselves.

Then, when the real media in this country (translation: talk radio and Fox News) began making fun of how Obama is being condescending to all of us by telling us to inflate our tires, Obama tries to make fun of talk radio et al by saying that we’re laughing at something that experts tell us will save us money.

Senator Obama, please answer the call on the white courtesy clue phone!

We are not making fun of your suggestion as if it won’t work, we are making fun of you for thinking Americans are so stupid.  Senator Obama needs a vacation or else he really is that stupid!

Since the 1970’s Americans have been bombarded by advertisements on radio, TV and print that tell us that proper tire inflation will save gasoline.  Not to mention that properly inflated tires are safer for driving on the highway!  Also, when I was young, I remember my father and grandfather both telling me that proper tire inflation would save gasoline.  I guess your father wasn’t as effective at communicating to you the importance proper tire inflation.  Perhaps that was because he was too busy being a muslim anti-American protestor in Kenya.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Senator Obama’s suggestion is the most condescending comment I’ve ever heard.  I do not need some arrogant, liberal, stupid, condescending, elitist telling me what I already know.  I am not so stupid as to believe that my tires don’t affect my car’s performance and fuel economy.  Senator Obama made a stupid comment and shows what he thinks of all Americans.  He has repeatedly displayed his disdain, hatred and bitterness toward America as a nation and it is his intention to become president for no other reason that to make himself feel better.

Obama’s run for the White House is not in the best interests of America.  He is a liar, an elitist, and arrogant.  Those three qualities alone are more than just minor character flaws – they are grounds for keeping him out of the presidency.  America needs a leader who doesn’t talk down to the people.  It needs a leader who talks to the people and talks with the people.  While I can say I don’t feel confident that John McCain would be the president America needs, I can say with utmost confidence that John McCain is a far sight better choice than Barack Obama even if it’s because John McCain isn’t condescending.

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2 comments on Obama Is Out Of Touch

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By Lumiere on August 07, 2008 at 11:21 am

       So we have to pick between the lesser of two evils- when ALL the puppet strings are pulled by the trilateral commission. Unless you make over $200k a year, then you really should not be voting Republican. If you do, don't get mad when you have to auction off your first born child to pay your bills because wages will go into the toilet and corporate profits through the roof.  The Republican agenda was to corporatize the government- corporations have no ethics. It is why the oil & gas companies make $55 million an hour and everyone else is STRUGGLING to get by. 

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By D. E. Carson on August 07, 2008 at 11:02 pm

No, it's the Democrat agenda that wants to corporatize government.  They're the ones who want to give your health care.  They're the ones who want to give you an education.  They're the ones who are, as DEMOCRAT Maxine Waters put it, "all about socializing...having the government take over and run [the oil] companies.

Republicans know that it is not now nor has it ever been the function of the American government to hand out entitlements to the people!  Republicans oppose minimum wage because they know that someone making $6.55 an hour is being paid too damn much to do the job a trained monkey could do (like running popcorn over a scanner at the local A&P).  Republicans are against unions because they know that someone making $65.00 an hour screwing bolts into the door of an automobile are being paid too damn much for a job that could be done by a trained monkey.  Republicans believe that people should be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  It's the Democrats that should scare you.

It's the Democrats who plug their ears and blabber when you explain to them that the current tax structure in this country ALREADY forces those making over $250,000 a year to carry the burden of the tax bill.  It's the Democrats who plug their ears and scream "la la la" when you explain the three most basic rules of economics: high supply = low prices, low supply = high prices and even the hint of an increase in supply = lower prices.  Democrats are too stupid to understand this.  Why do you think that when President Bush signed the executive order lifting his father's executive order on banning drilling on the outer continental shelf, gasoline has dropped in price?  It's the third law of economics.

Please do not try to tell me how corporate profits are bad for America.  I suppose your "everyone else" generalization is meant to include companies like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler?  General Motors has a larger profit margin than the oil companies and yet, GM posted a $15.5 BILLION (that's with a "B") loss last quarter.  When a company that has been the largest auto maker in the world doesn't have large profits, PEOPLE LOSE THEIR JOB.  It's that simple.  Companies that are making less money tend to cut jobs.  Companies that are making more money tend to create more jobs.  Look at Wal-Mart.  They are making money so they are opening more stores and giving more people jobs.  Look at Starbucks.  They are making less money so they are closing stores and people are losing jobs.

Wise up Lumiere.  Your logic doesn't fly here because I actually sat through an economics course in college with a teacher who was a flaming liberal and even he was smart enough to understand how it works.  You obviously never took an economics course so you wouldn't understand.

BTW: El G: I know this Lumiere is another Rose Mountain type, but when it comes to someone slamming my stories, I cannot let it go.

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