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Cross Over Culture: Snoop Dogg Takes It On

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, August 06, 2008


One of the most prominent rappers takes on the bollywood industry

I could have swore I heard snickering with Country Grammar rap star, Nelly teamed up with Country Music's hotest star, Tim McGraw and collaborated on an album with him. Or wait was it Tim McGraw collaborating an album with Nelly?

Whatever the case, seems like Rap stars are spreading their wings. The LB's (that's Long Beach) own Snoop Dogg has collaborated with Bollywood's star Akshay Kumar in a video for the title track of the movie, Singh is King which opens Friday.

Some say Snoop is the King of Rap and Kumar is the King of Bollywood. (I always thought this was held by  Sharuk Khan). But whatever the case maybe, this joint venture is sure to rocket both careers in a way they never imagined.

But wait you say, India and rap? What about the stereotypes the come with so called gangsta rap? Sorry to disappoint you folks, but India certainly is not all about breaking into song, and sari clad women. Rap is alive and well in India. It may not be the kind we know, but grab a Punjabi and get see what's in their Ipod.  While in Bombay (Mumbai, sorry I'm old school), I saw Indians dressed in full out "gangsta" garb. Probably what the Hindustani refer to as goondas. They had the sagging pants and the du-rags to go, and the bling bling down. However, I still think they had the brought up manners of the Indian culture as they helped an Auntie with her bags and gave her the namaste greeting.

So while I like Kumar, and some of Snoops music, I'm not sure I'll spend the money on this one. Ok well maybe the Tuesday $5 movie day at the Naz8 theatre in Artesia. Honestly though I think this is a DVD film. However I'm not sure that Snoop would have been the right rapper for this one.  Snoop certain looks like a great Guru. Now if we can just get him to dance the Bhangra, it will be all good.

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