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One or None, Pick your Poison

by Steven Lane (writer), Simi valley, Ca and Austin, Tx., November 20, 2006


Shouldn't "fat free" milk cost less than whole milk? Someone or something got your fat, they didn't throw it away. That's just an example. There are tons of stuff that we pay more for to get less. Cholesterol free doesn't come cheap, sugar free cookies cost way more than regular cookies. Carbohydrate free is always more expensive. What do they do with all those extra carbs, is there a giant warehouse of stored carbohydrates? Organic vegetables are pesticide free and we know crop dusters aren't cheap. It seems "healthy" has become a marketing plan, take stuff out, give them less, charge them more.
There is an exception to the rule, "calorie free" seems to cost pretty much the same as stuff with calories. Soda companies jumped on that bandwagon early and its become a cutthroat battle of corporate wits to keep a step ahead of each other.
One such war was waged last year, bottling giants Pepsi and Coke were punching it out in the ring of public opinion. Despite Pepsi already having a no calorie soda, they hit Coke below the belt and came out with Pepsi One. Oh yeah baby, a one calorie soda! Don't ask for the logic, there doesn't seem to be any. Why one calorie, why not three? Do they drop a single calorie into each bottle like a gumdrop so you can hold it up to the light and show your kids what one looks like? A standard 12 oz Pepsi has 150 calories, a diet Pepsi has none. This sent shock waves though out the troops at Coke Central. In darkened board rooms, meetings were held at the highest levels and strategies were discussed. The ever aggressive Coke responded with a tremendous counter punch, and Coca-Cola Zero was launched. What a body blow! A zero calorie soda. Who could have imagined it? Zero v/s One, what a fight! Well, the battle still rages and the score cards aren't completed. But, hey, stick around, there a fight on the undercard between two old veterans after the main event. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are going to duke it out once again.

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By Ariel on November 20, 2006 at 02:44 am
Wait, so Diet Coke already has zero calorie, right? And Coca-Cola Zero also. Is there any difference between the two? Do they taste the same?
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By Steven Lane on November 20, 2006 at 02:48 am
Not that I could tell, it's just marketing
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