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Obama World Tour '08

by D. E. Carson (writer), , July 26, 2008

False messiahs and false prophets will come and work great miracles and signs. They will even try to fool God's chosen ones. (Matt 24:24 CEV).

It is not unlike the ministry of Jesus Christ. One man journeys to the many places on the earth with his throngs of followers. Everywhere he goes his speaking and his charisma overwhelm those who have come to see him. He travels to all places big and small and he promises to those who come to hear that all will be made right again -- that his is the promised kingdom to come.

It's disgusting is what it is.

When the presidential campaign of 2008 launched in November of 2006, Hillary Clinton thought she was the presumptive Democratic nominee. She thought she would have no problem sealing the nomination and even went so far as to presume that she would win the White House and become America's first woman president. That's what she thought and that is what her followers thought.

And then along came Jones...

...Or in this case, Barack.

From the south side of Chicago came a man who has barely served two full years in the United States Senate as the junior senator from Illinois. He slipped in under the radar and for almost two full years, no one gave him a second look. No one thought he could foil the Clinton Political Machine. Hillary had all the right people. Everyone who had secured Bill Clinton's sweep into the White House was back on board the Hillary for President Campaign Train and no one bothered to check the rear-view mirror. That tiny little speck on the aft horizon was nothing to worry about, right? He was just a wet-behind-the-ears, South Chicago, Daley Democrat who wasn't worth the effort. It's amazing what can happen in fifteen short months.

The day Hillary Clinton realized that not only had the Clinton Political Machine been derailed, but dismantled was a day that had come too late. She had not only been passed by the Obama train, but she was suddenly and inexplicably cast out from the Democratic fold. She hadn't bothered to research Obama like she needed to. The liberal media had not bothered with him either. He was too unlikely a foe to worry about.

The day of reckoning has arrived.

America is at a crossroads. On the one side are the traditional Americans who believe that America is a noble country with a noble cause in the world and that is to stand up for the little guy. On the other side is a pack of salivating, starving wolves waiting for America to make one little tiny slip and then pounce creating a communist/socialist nation unlike any this world has ever known.

And bearing down on America like a kamikaze pilot is Barack Obama.

Today, citizens of the city of Berlin, Germany turned out en masse to catch a glimpse of a man who hopes to become the 44th president of the United States. Most of those in the crowd were young Berliners seeking a promise of peace and hope in the world as Barack Obama stood like a messiah before his followers. His popularity among the young in Berlin rivals the popularity of President John F. Kennedy. It is most unfortunate that what Obama possesses in charisma he severely lacks in ability.

Near the beginning of the end for Hillary, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg penned an opinion article in which she not only endorsed Obama, but she likened him to her late father John. Alas, Sweet Caroline, you know not your father. For if you did, you would have not only turned away from Obama, you would have begged all of America to follow. Your voice had the power to spare America the beast that is Obama. But instead you chose to embrace he who would do America harm. You have acted as an agent for Obama and you have deceived many.

But you have not deceived me. For I know the beast that is Barack Obama. He has vanquished all truth from the American media. He has managed in every way to convince the American media that he is the rightful heir to the Oval Office. He has spoken with soft words about how he is the savior of America -- the champion of the downtrodden.

He has promised salvation from the fiduciary woes that plague all Americans. He has promised a return to a massive welfare state wherein all that come shall be comforted, all at the expense of those who are of high means. To paraphrase the words of Jesus Christ, "The meek shall inherit America."

Under the leadership of Obama, the federal government will be expanded again and again to ensure that America has a "level" playing field and that no one shall want for anything again. Businesses will be taxed at higher rates and consumers will again come to their rescue through higher prices. Inflation will follow and the dollar will weaken further. Obama will raise corporate taxes again and again the consumer will be squeezed for more money through higher prices. The day will come when the economy under a President Obama will completely collapse into complete and total ruin and America will cease to exist.

For those who believe the rhetoric issuing from the mouth of Obama, one can only hope that they will awaken from their Obama-induced coma before it is too late and recognize that an Obama administration is hazardous to the health of America.

America cannot be a follower in this world. It is not the place of America to follow. It has always been the place of America to lead. America cannot allow itself to be bound by the archaic whims of spineless organizations such as the United Nations or the misguided populations of nations such as Germany. America cannot afford to bow at the altar of some One World Government. America has stood for liberty and freedom since its inception and to allow America to be muzzled like a circus bear and paraded around for the world to see and mock openly is a crime of the highest kind and should not be tolerated by Barack Obama or anyone else.

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