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New Global War Demanded By Us Attorney General

by Lumiere (writer), NYC, July 24, 2008

Michael Mukasey calls on Congress for the Permanent Destruction of Habeus Corpus and a New Declaration of Global War on Terror

         Bush’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, called on Congress to take dramatic steps to alter the Constitution. Mukasey is forcefully requesting Congress to issue a new declaration of war that will make the entire globe, including the United States itself a literal "battlefield." The purpose of this new declaration of war is so the United States can declare war on any 'terrorist' territory that has oil; which grants a type of Congressional permission to attack, kill and steal the oil from any country it chooses and would also grant immunity for war crimes. The President and Mukasey plan also includes permanently destroying the Writ of Habeus Corpus by altering the Constitution, personally picking and choosing who can go to prison indefinately. Can you feel your liberties slipping down the drain? This plan to Declare a global war and nullify the Writ of Habeus Corpus sounds nothing like the America our founding fathers envisioned.   

Perhaps you are already aware that if you are or anyone you know is arrested and thrown in jail, you can now be held prisoner without explanation for an unlimited time period. 
In July 2008, when Bush won the ability to overhaul the wiretapping and surveillance bill, the 4th Circuit Court also gave the President the power to arrest and detain U.S. citizens on native soil indefinitely. The only measure that can protect your liberties if detained, is to demand the Writ of Habeus Corpus. When the original 13 American Colonies declared independence and became a constitutional republic in which the people became sovereign, any person, in the name of the people, has the authority to initiate such writs. The Writ of Habeas Corpus is latin for 'We command that you have the body' and is the name of a legal action, through which an individual can seek release from unlawful detention or imprisonment of himself or another person. Also known as "The Great Writ," a writ is basically a judicial mandate filed with a court with the force of a court order addressed to the prison official or an individual judge, demanding that a prisoner be brought before the court, together with proof of authority, allowing the court to determine whether that custodian has lawful authority to hold that person, or, if not, the person should be released from custody. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. A party may file a habeas corpus petition if a judge declares a person in contempt of court and jails or threatens to jail them. And in family law it is used when a parent who has been denied custody of his child by a trial court may file a habeas corpus petition. The Writ of Habeus Corpus can be suspended during time of war, but not permanently.


In Brown v. Vasquez (1992) even the Supreme Court "recognized the fact that the writ of habeas corpus is the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action. In Harris v. Nelson, (1969) it also became clear, " Therefore, the writ must be "administered with the initiative and flexibility essential to insure that miscarriages of justice within its reach are surfaced and corrected...The writ of habeas corpus serves as an important check on the manner in which state courts pay respect to federal constitutional rights. The writ is "the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action."

Democracy, implies the word choice. Habeus Corpus gives the American people a choice, it protects people from being thrown in prison illegally by a corrupt government and guarantees citizens due process according to Constitutional law. What kind of government would steal liberties away from the very people whose taxes pay their salary? Not a Democratic government. Possibly a laissez-faire one. Many of the representatives in Congress no longer represent the 'common people from modest backgrounds' but are the Corporate interest; top floor corporate executives, lawyers, former political operatives and money elites bringing home salaries well over 155k per year, with which they receive gold-level health care coverage for them and their families and a fat retirement- with pensions that can rise higher than the salary they received while in office. In fact, according to the Public Interest Research group, half of the members newly elected to Congress are millionaires. They only represent 2.1 percent of 280 million Americans. While the majority of Americans make less than $50,000 a year. I find it particularly interesting that the minimum wage had not been raised in 10 years since 1996, until Senator Hillary Clinton stepped up to the plate to advocate for a wage hike. In 2007, minimum wage went from $5.15 an hour to $5.85-$6.55 an hour. It is expected to increase again in 2009 to $7.25. Wow. The American people can now afford to buy a gallon of milk or gas and have some change left over. Now what if I also told you that in the ten years it took for the American people to get a .70 cent pay raise, Congress gave themselves four, $5,000 pay raises during the past five years, justifying it as a normal increase in their cost of living. When was the last time you received a $20,000 pay raise for doing your job?

Patriotism does not mean " to follow government leadership blindly and tolerate economic slavery." The three blind mice could see the entire cabinet is supporting the interests of corporations over working families, farmers, consumers, the environment, the poor, and ordinary taxpayers like you and me. When most corporations lack ethics in their business practices, because their only responsibility and committment is to make a profit. How do they represent us- the working class citizens? I suppose lowering our wages and increasing the cost of living really improves our way of life. Warped Corporate interest creates P-O-V-E-R-T-Y ladies and gentlemen. When we allow Congress to become the Corporate elite, it is guided not by democracy for the people but by a financially profit seeking, self serving, corporation. And a company is no better than the people, and the ethics of the people who run it. Harken Energy, Enron and MCI Worldcom have proven that if a government runs itself like a Corporation, they can also fail us. When the rising cost of living, low wages and unemployment rise like a tsnuami tidal wave, it is time to demand and enforce major changes within our government. We must shorten Congressional terms of service, lower their wages to minimum wage, and eliminate the financing of corporate interest lobbyists so our Congress is truly humbled to represent the majority of the people of the United States of America. Why should our elected officials quality of life be better than your own? Leadership of a few, does not translate to impoverishment of the masses.

Regardless of who we elect for president or place on Capitol Hill, they do not have the right to bend the Constitution to their will so they can create an economy based on war and injustice. The new Disaster Economy, that is what a broker on Wall Street called it; making billions off of war, death and the ill fortunes of others. Perhaps it is coincedental that Mr. Bush's brother Jed had his personal clean up crew at the 911 sight after disaster struck and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It does not take a genius to figure our that federal checks being written out to a sibling only ensure that money is kept in the family. When a President and Congress turns a deaf ear to the needs and liberties of the people of their country, it is unacceptable. Treating the Constitution of the United States like a document made of mallable silly putty is absolutely intolerable. We the people elected our President and our Congress members, we refuse to follow Corporate Dictators into the land of corporate manufactured American poverty and sign away our civil liberties while they live like kings and queens. George Washington once shot a man on the White House lawn for treason. If Washington were raised from the dead to evaluate our current government do you think he would be pleased with what America has become, or would he go postal? What would our Founding Fathers think of Mukasey's proposal to destroy the Writ of Habeus Corbus and Declare Global War? Just curious.

My concern is given Congress' track record this year to cave into Bush's demands, Mukasey's proposal to destroy the Writ of Habeus Corpus is a very serious matter. In his proposal, he is also requesting Congress to cover up the Bush administration’s systemic torture and abuse of detainees. Judges would no longer be allowed to see evidence of torture and abuse and would instead simply have to trust that a president is holding the right people and suspected civilians as "enemy combatants." We need the Writ of Habeus Corpus to remain Constitutional law and we cannot trust Congress to not accomadate Bush's dictorial powers when they have already supported: The Patriot Act. National Security Letters. The Military Commissions Act. The Protect America Act. And, most recently, the Congressional hatchet to the 4th Amendment- FISA Bill (Wiretapping Law.)

        Although we are up against Corporations that have infiltrated our government and created a defense strategy to make war an indefinate means of profit for the United States at the expense of our soldiers, our economy and our quality of life, there is still hope for us if we make a stand. The Supreme Court has rejected the Bush administration’s efforts four times to design a war on terror. When the Supreme Court of the United States of America refuses to support a system of injustice that defies the Constitution and mocks the rule of law, we the people must stand with them. In the recent past, the Presidents Administration has responded, not by respecting the Constitution, but by counting on Congress to legitimize war mongering conduct. We must not allow this to happen, please write your local Senator and sign the petition below. The House Judiciary Committee is now investigating whether Bush White House officials may have committed crimes of torture and abuse. Hoever, the Bush administration has the audacity and arrogance to ask Congress to give it the power to nullify the Writ of Habeus Corpus; to detain people without trial and hide torture from the courts. No elected official, no matter the title has the right to butcher the Constitution. Stand up for America, stand up for yourself and for the liberties of your children, family and friends. Defend the Writ of Habeus Corpus and your civil liberties. Reject US Attorney General Mukasey's proposal.


Together, we can send a message to Congress, that change begins not just with electing a new President but with creating new legislation to terminate the terms of elected representatives that do not support the best interests of the people, protect our civil liberties and uphold the Constitution.  President Bush once said he wanted to run the White House like a Corporation; well our tax dollars hired them, and our tax dollars can fire them. If our elected officials want to be paid and remain in office, then it is about damn time we evaluate Congress based on annual job performance- just as the Corporations that fill the Cabinet evaluate us as employees. Working as a team, we can improve upon the election process and our government, as long as we utilize the power of community to stand together.

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