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Marriage Schmarriage Gay Or Het

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, July 21, 2008

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legalized marriage. what's law got to do with it?

I have  been pondering, but not much, about marriage. Who cares!! government and laws, and privileges for people getting together with each other just aint right.

Some folks marry for all the wrong reasons and regret it for life, some marry for the right reasons to the wrong person. Some marry for money, green cards, social status, pre made arrangement, social standards, peer and family pressure.. blah blah blah and so on..

I personally don't need a piece of paper or government sanctions on whom I love, or whom I sleep with, or whom I want in my life, my home, my bed, my space. nor the church's permission or blessing.  I don't need to be married, belong to , or completed by anyone. I am whole, perfectly happy, and self reliant.

 I do love many people, I do enjoy companionship, I do enjoy sex with the right and capable person, who comes to me whole and happy in themselves. As for marriage, it just makes things complicated, and takes a matter of the heart and mind to a level I rather not involve, the laws, the government, the church, family In-law.

I rather chose who I want in my life, then change that agreement, when it is time, not after some judge decides, who put this much into the relationship or that much.  People come and go in our lives, I cherish every moment they are with me, and sometimes I cherish the moment when they leave. court proceedings are just too long of a goodbye.

So marry if you want, if it is of benefit or meaningfull to you. I will just love freely whom I choose to love and for how long, that is freedom, when there is nothing to lose, a simple hello when you arrive and goodbye when you leave will suffice for now.

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