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Live At Atelier - Enjoy The Ecstasy

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, July 24, 2008


Baroque unites with Jazz producing magic, vivaciousness, and essence

Sculpture, beauty, greenery, dainty morsels, and an enormously wonderful musical feast awaited us at Live at the Atelier of David Andersen Pianos presentation Sunday, July 20th, 2008.

Ah!!! What joy...

Rare pieces mixed with raw and rapturous compositions that were innovatively laid out for us in the afternoon breeze. What more could any heart desire? The duo musicality of Nick Mancini and Otmaro Ruiz merged, surged, and took us to plateau beyond our most ardent desire.

Some of the works was layered with undertones of jazz and blues centered in Baroque.

A serene and regal melody enveloped us within the first measures of music performed on a exquisite Piano combined with the Vibraphone creating amazing beauty.

Nick and Otmaro were a musical match made in heaven on Cedar Walton's "Clockwise".

This was joined by a question and answer progression between the 2 incredible artists.

A beautiful tune was introduced by Otmaro; "Curumin" the translation is "Little Indian" on which Nick joined him to serenade us.

A piece by Egberto Gismonti - “Lôro” was splendidly presented to us and we savored every note. It was so touching and wonderful until there are no tangible English words to transcribe the moment. Otmaro plays with such passion and connection; one will find their entire being absorbed in every tune. In perfect harmony is Nick with matchless tenor and soulful intensity oozing from every fiber of his being.

A narrative was then told by the 2 through the performance of the Nick Mancini tribute song. They transformed the crowd in spirit on an enjoyable drive down the 110 freeway straight into the city for which his grooving piece was named, Pasadena".

Otmaro performed an airy and infectious piece that he had written for his daughter, Maya.

"And, then she smiles" It was warm and inviting speaking with volumes of love, pride, and beauty.

A very tender rendition of "Some other time" was performed by Nick was accented with his voicing the tune as he played softly taunting and soft.

The duo showcased Horace Silver on "Swinging the Samba" and "Juicy Lucy". I believe "swinging" is a true understatement for the manner in which they played that tune.

Yee-Hah!!!!!!!!!!!! is the perfect description for the phrasing and soul portrayed.

They culminated their unity on "Side by Side" and "Vernal Equinox" receiving cheers, applause, standing ovations, bravos, and more from the zealous audience.

I might add with much respect that our affable host, David Andersen was left in a jubilant state at the end of the concert. His joy for music was magnetic with the fervor of friends and fans joined for the ideal afternoon.

Live at the Atelier Concerts is presented by David Andersen in a lush atomsphere that provides 2 sets of music by perceptive and compelling artists combined with great food and drink.

Check out the schedule for upcoming adventures in music!!! It's not just about pianos...we're talking musical paradise.

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