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Study & Work

by Mason (writer), jinjiang, July 16, 2008

Hard for the guys who are working in the company six days a week,and 11hours a day.

We have to study even before we can run,because we wanted to improve ourselves,it holds water and of course worthwhile even when we are not in the school,well,i would like to fill all of you some ideas of what are my thoughts here in a garments fty in china.

We are running the work hours of 8.00 morning,and 12.00 off work,then 14.00 afternoon we work,then 18.00,we go for the supper,19.00 to 22.00,we work,what can i do after the long hours of work??

Previously,i assume that i was too busy to study my japanese anymore,and i always looks on the bad side of the story,i beat myselves down,there are not time anymore,i am the guy only can study english,not any other languages any more,and getting time for study is impossible.

Only after i got an chance to rise early to pick our client up from another city,because it takes sometime to reach the hotel which our buyers are staying.After much considerations,i know now,as long as my energy allows,i should sleep less.that is the point.

For the time being,i tried to squeeze sometime from the time after lunch,and supper,also before i sleep,well,i know now,am lazy of a bit,actually quite lazy,just because i did not fully understand my aim.i did not have a very clear picture of what i am going to is lost.

Now,am here to put the situation in front of all of you,if coincidently,a smart guy like you see this,would will you give me a hint?

Anyway,i know now study&work should be together for good at least to us,any time any place any situations.what do you think!

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