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Fashion Is Not Easy

by Mason (writer), jinjiang, July 15, 2008

Our buyers have always gave us their comments on the samples that we sent to them,and we are very sorry for that everytime when the client said that,But god,you know it is not easy.

We have a great client from italy,and they just placed a order of 50 thousand pcs of jacket with us,and we are happy,even we know the delivery date is very hard for us to meet,and then when the question from the client from the client said that when can we finish the first 100,then 500pcs,then 1000,and step by step,the last pcs.but we know it is very very hard,i will give you the point below.

As we have to order the fab,somehow,the fabrics will be delayed,and our samples will be delayed also,and somhow,the client gave us the feedback that we were late for the samples,and .....,now the point is that the client asked us for the exact production info of the daily productions,and so they can expect the final schedule of delivery,but we can not gave them in a quite good way,i mean we just said we will able to gave them the time when we have some productions,and we mean the garments which are ready shall be in the later part of productions,but the client thought that we were not going be very serious.

then they came to our fty,as planned,they came here with more good idea,and surely,they count people and the already purchased accessories.....

Coincidently,they wanted to make change of the,my god,it is going to be impossible,it costs too much,and they have to cfm it with their client also,i mean they have their buyers,and we have to be on the waiting line,until somebody said,ok,you go.and make according to our instructions.and the workers complained,well,although the client paid for the costs,but it gave me the thought that more haste,less speed. it is a truth.

Then,something good happens,we discussed,and the representative talked with their boss abroad,and money spent,and not foods,and not time for that i mean,we just too busy to eat.check with the fty about the productions.and so on.and the buyer preferred to stay the night at the xiamen sheraton hotel,that means we have to pick them up every morning.that is too good to be true.but it did happened as i remembered.the client is the god,and make garments is not easy. posted by mason

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