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Tasing Incident Provokes Gathering

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 18, 2006

Friday, on the campus of UCLA there was a gathering of students wishing to voice their opinions regarding the Tuesday night tasing of a student who refused to show his Bruin Card to a Community Service Officer. One student was caught on tape saying, “We don’t feel safe on our own campus.”

Numerous reviews of the video recorded during the incident confirm only these facts: The student was belligerent with police, the student screamed very loudly, the student shouted, “here’s your f*****g Patriot Act!”, the student “claims” he was tasered for no reason and that he was leaving “this God forsaken place”, the student was eventually removed from the library. Beyond that, the video shows the backsides of onlookers and the walls, ceilings and support posts as well as the outer atrium of the library building.

The attorney for the tasered student claims the video is very explicit in its showing of a student being tasered five times on the right side. Additional review of the video shows no such action taken by the police. The audio clearly reveals that the student was ordered over twenty times to “stand up” by police officers, with at least five of those orders followed by, “or you’ll get tasered again.” The audio also reveals a number of students requesting the badge numbers of the officers involved in the incident.

According to UCLA, it is a very common practice for CSOs to approach students in the libraries after 11:00 p.m. and request identification that shows they are students and that they have the right to be there. This policy stems from incidents of transients entering the libraries and then exposing themselves to female students or in other ways harassing the students. The student alleges that he was in the process of leaving when the police approached him, a statement that cannot be verified by the video. Witnesses to the incident could not produce corroborating accounts of the incident. Some accounts confirm the student’s story others completely contradict the student. None, however, contain any support for the actions of the officers involved. The video does appear to show that the students possess vehement contempt for law enforcement and utter disregard for decent civility in society.

The gathering of students was organized in advance and was planed for Friday afternoon, although from all immediately accessible media outlets, the purpose of the gathering was not clear. Many bloggers around the Internet who were familiar with the video, which can be found on You-Tube, among other linked sites voiced opinions in support of a student who clearly had an agenda by refusing the request of a Community Services Officer to show his identification. Additionally, the lawyer for the student was interviewed by Larry Elder and the lawyer claimed, “my client told the CSO to go ask someone else for his ID first, then come back.” This clearly allows the prosecution to add inciting a riot to the other charges of disobeying the direct order of a police officer and resisting arrest. It is without a doubt that the student was intent on starting some type of incident, although he may have been unprepared for the police officers to use a taser. Many of the opinions expressed were clear in their premature condemnation of the UC Police Department and its actions to remove an uncooperative individual from the premises. Cries of police brutality have only resurged after beginning to subside following an incident in the previous week of two Los Angeles Police officers allegedly beating a criminal after taking him into custody. The UC Police Department will investigate the incident, as department policy demands. The student has threatened to file charges of police brutality citing the incident was racially motivated.

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