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Why The Olympics Should Not Be Boycotted

by ddrapayo (writer), Poughkeepsie, July 11, 2008

There is much controversy surrounding the Olympics in Beijing later this summer. However, the Olympics should absolutely NOT be boycotted.

There has been much discussion about nations boycotting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, later this summer. While it is true that China has human rights problems with Tibet and Darfur, and these should not be condoned, the Olympics are a time of peace. As the Visa commercial says "there are 6 billion of us. We may not always get along, but for a few shining weeks, we forget about what makes us different, and focus on what makes us the same." This is the founding principle of the Olympics. In ancient times, truces were made, and wars called off, so people could watch the Olympic games. In recent times however, like it or not, Olympics have been marred by politics. In 1968, it was the black power salute. In 1972, there was the massacre of the Israeli athletes. 1976 saw several African nations boycott because the New Zealand rugby team was allowed to participate even though they played against apartheid South Africa. 1980 saw many western nations boycott in Moscow, and in 1984 the Communist bloc returned the favor, boycotting Los Angeles. However, things have returned to normal since then. People need to realize that the Olympic Games are not about politics. They should be about peace. And even if you don't agree, imagine yourself as an athlete, who is unable to compete on the biggest stage of all due to political unrest.  And even if your nation does participate, and you win the gold, some of the best athletes in the world did not, so you will forever feel that medal was not  truly earned. Think of the athletes. President Bush has announced he will attend the Opening Ceremonies. This is one of the few things he has done right during his presidency. It sends a message that these games should not be boycotted, that they should be peaceful. Some people say they will turn into another Nazi Olympics, like the games in Berlin in 1936. China will make sure this does not happen, however, as otherwise, it would make them look horrible. And the Chinese sure won't be hailing Hu Jintao at every moment like they Heil Hitler at the games in 1936. This would be bad for China, and they know it, so it is not an issue at all. Regardless of your political view, the Olympics should be a time to come together and unite as one. And that's the way it always should be.

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