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Jackson Slams Obama On Tv

by D. E. Carson (writer), , July 10, 2008

Open microphone gets Jackson into trouble. Film at eleven!

It’s another one of my John McClane “I get tired of always being right” moments.

Yesterday, July 9, Jesse Jackson made a controversial statement about Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The comment consisted of a desire to cause physical injury to Obama and displayed a general feeling of disgust with the attitude of Obama toward the black community. Jackson's opinion of Obama's "tough love" attitude is that Obama is being condescending toward blacks. Almost immediately following his comment, Jackson made a public apology. His apology was readily accepted and no calls for his resignation have been made.

Can we say "Double Standard?"

Last year, radio talk show host Don Imus made a comment about the Rutgers Women's basketball team only to be publicly excoriated by the likes of Al Sharpton with calls for Imus' dismissal. His apology was considered not acceptable and Imus is out of a job. He's a white guy making stupid jokes (which I admit were not funny) about a group of black people. But Jesse Jackson's comment was personal and yet everyone was so willing to rush to his defense and handily accept his apology. I do not accept Jesse Jackson's apology so long as he is allowed to continue to speak publicly in support of black rights. If Jackson is truly sorry, let him resign in disgrace from his job as president of the Rainbow Push Coalition and go back to Chicago and start over.

I can just hear you liberals whining, "but he apologized!" Yes and so did Don Imus but he still got fired and his comments weren't nearly as personal or vindictive. Jackson's comments underscore a vindictive attitude toward Obama. I may not like Obama, but he deserves better than just an "I'm sorry, I still support you."

According to the New York Post website, this is exactly what Jackson said that had everyone in an uproar: "See Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith based... I want to cut his nuts off. Barack. He's been talking down to black people." The New York Post's website has a video of Jackson's comments and he is clearly intelligible. You really don't need the subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Why is it that it is okay for Jesse Jackson to publicly say that he wants to castrate Obama but Don Imus just makes a disparaging comment and he loses his job? Utilizing the stupid liberal standard on Jesse Jackson, this comment is far worse than what Don Imus said because 1) it threatened personal injury to a specific individual and 2), it was said supposedly in confidence between two people who did not know that a microphone was open and being taped. Whereas Don Imus' comment was made knowing he was on the air and being taped and at no time did Imus express a wish to inflict personal injury on anyone.

This incident shows that Jesse Jackson is a two-faced liberal. There is the face he shows the world that he wants everyone to think he is and the face he shows when he thinks no one is watching. He didn't know his microphone was open, he thought it was closed and therefore he thought that he could say how he really feels about Obama. This comment is no different than Jeremiah Wright's "US of KKK A" or Michael Pflegler's "White people have raped people of color". Even Obama himself is guilty of showing two faces to the world. Remember his comments to a closed forum in San Francisco about Americans being bitter toward people who are not like them and clinging to their guns and their religion when things get tough?

Instead of embracing Jackson's apology, Obama needs to distance himself from Jackson and reject Jackson's support all together. But he cannot. Obama needs Jackson if he is to win the election in November. This also shows Obama's desire for political gain over principle. Obama want to be president no matter what he has to do to get it. He knows that if he rejects Jackson's support, he loses the support of most of the black community -- the votes he needs to defeat John McCain.

Unless they're stuck on stupid, Americans not should tolerate a double standard. What is good for whites is good for blacks and what is good for conservatives is good for liberals. Giving Jackson a pass on his comment is the height of liberal incompetence and stupidity. The media in America is clearly biased in favor of liberals and as such is willing to overlook Jackson's comments because he apologized. Sorry, Don, it's just that you're not a black man. This is more than just liberal double-standard. It is black on white racism. Excoriate a white man for a stupid joke and give a pass to a black man who expresses a desire for physical harm. Just how stupid does the media think we Americans are?

It is clear from this comment that Jackson harbors contempt for Obama. Perhaps it is because Obama, like Bill Cosby, has said that the black community has got to take responsibility for its own problems – how very conservative of you Senator Obama. I'm still not going to vote for you. Jackson, on the other hand, likes having blacks living in squalor and among the lower class in America. It's his gravy train. Keeping blacks in substandard living conditions and "oppressed" is how Jesse Jackson makes his living. He lies to blacks about how they are oppressed and blacks laud him like he is some sort of messiah. Jackson has helped perpetuate the black stereotype with his words and he continues to blame whites for problems that blacks have brought upon themselves. Obama is telling the truth, but Jackson doesn't seem to care.

Democrats have been marginalizing Jackson for years. He knew what he was saying would cause problems for Obama if it got out. That's why he whispered it to Reid Tuckson, the gentleman sitting to his right, when he thought it was okay to make such comments. Even Jackson's own son, Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., excoriated his father saying, "I'm deeply outraged and disappointed in...Jackson's reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama...He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself." After typing those words I have to say, he didn't excoriate his father, he threw him under the bus.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a social psychologist to see that Jackson clearly harbors bitterness that he is not the first black man to be endorsed by a major political party for president. It is also clear that Jackson sees Obama's straight talk about the greater need for personal responsibility in the black community as offensive. Jackson needs the black community to remain in the lower class in order for him to retain his status as a spokesman for the black community. Should America ever complete the transition of blacks into the middle class, Jesse Jackson will be out of a job. With comments expressing his desire to "cut [Obama's] nuts off", Jackson should already be looking for work elsewhere.

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By D. E. Carson on July 10, 2008 at 09:30 pm

I agree.  I used to work in radio broadcasting and I know that for a fact.  I was a radio DJ in a college town outside Kansas City and we always treated our microphones as though they were live even if it was "potted" down.  Sadly, the radio station went belly up because the owners were stupid little rich kids who bought the station as a hobby and used it is a tax-writeoff.  Then one of the owners decided that 1) he didn't have to pay the jocks anymore and 2) he called all of us a "bunch of 'jake-legs'" whatever the hell that meant.  We knew he was an amateur because he had no clue that he was on speaker phone and we were all standing in the program director's office when he said it.  After the PD hung up with him, we all faxed our resignations to him and literally took the station off the air.  I was the one who pushed the buttons on the transmitter that shut it off.  I hadn't been paid in two months so it felt really good to power down that little trap.  It was sad too because that two years was the most fun I'd ever had in my life.

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By D. E. Carson on July 10, 2008 at 10:04 pm

Learn something new every day.  I knew I had a right to be offended when that two-bit, pencil-neck jackass called me that.  I really hope I never meet him face to face.  I'm liable to take my "jake leg" and kick him right in the crotch.

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By DLFerguson on July 17, 2008 at 11:52 am

I believe Jesse Jackson knew the mike was on.  As others here have so accurately pointed out, Jackson is a veteran when it comes to the media.  He's never met a microphone or camera he didn't like.  Maybe he saw this as an opportunity to get out how he really feels about Obama under the guise of being ignorant that the mike was on.

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By D. E. Carson on July 18, 2008 at 10:47 am

If Jackson "knew" the mic was hot, then he committed a really bad act of plain stupidity.  He is cutting his own throat as well as that of Obama.  He is showing that he is two-faced and cannot be trusted.  If he hides behind the guise of ignorace of the mic being hot then he is clever, but not all that smart.  He's also showing himself as a hypocrite -- but then he's been doing that for years and Obama (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't need his help or support.

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