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Wall-e Fails To Entertain

by D. E. Carson (writer), , July 04, 2008


The best parts can be seen on the Internet for free.

The newest offering by Disney and Pixar should have been a slam-dunk for entertainment, but at 1 hour and 37 minutes WALL-E crashes and burns like the Hindenburg. The best parts of the movie are played for anyone who wants to see them. Just go to Yahoo! Movies and you can watch all of the trailers there for free and save your money. It’s not even worth waiting for the DVD.

I was very disappointed. I had high expectations for a movie that would keep me entertained much like the old Herbie movies. My expectations were obviously too high. Pixar failed to deliver on the promises made by the previews. The so-called professional critics and I have never agreed on anything and WALL-E is no exception. They lavished the movie with high praise and accolades a film maker can only hope for. I should have known when critics give a movie good ratings, I'll hate it. The only reason I didn't get up and walk out of this movie was because my eight year old daughter was watching it with me and she liked it. She also liked -- and understood a lot of -- Get Smart.

The plot of the movie, you can probably guess, is that man has so completely ruined the Earth, that we must all leave or be poisoned to death by the junk we left lying around. Scenes of mounds of compacted garbage are seen all over the fictional city. Most of these mounds of garbage dwarf the skyscrapers themselves. The hero, WALL-E is a robot whose directive is to gather up all of the remaining garbage and compact it into nice, neat little bales which are then stacked one on top of the other in modern day pyramids. One day a probe vessel arrives on earth with a robot whose directive is to locate evidence of sustained life on earth. The “love story” is hardly romantic – the search probe finds its objective within hours of being deployed and goes into hibernation mode awaiting retrieval and leaving WALL-E as a hopeless romantic caring for its companion as if it were someone caring for a loved one in the hospital.

The probe is retrieved and WALL-E hitches a ride back to the mothership where the probe’s cargo – a lone plant growing in a boot – is hijacked and allegedly destroyed in keeping with the prime directive of the mother ship auto-pilot (WARNING: PLOT SPOILER ALERT). The auto pilot robot has taken over the ship and left the captain as a figurehead only. We soon learn that the auto pilot was directed to refuse to return to earth and to that end any evidence of life on the planet was to be discarded and destroyed without prejudice. The captain grows cajones and finds a way to override the auto pilot and return to earth. In the process, WALL-E is damaged and its companion returns to earth to rebuilt WALL-E. And they all “live” happily ever after. Yeah, right.

The most disappointing aspect of this movie wasn’t that there was very limited dialogue. That was actually nice. What ruined the movie for me was the thinly veiled “Save the Planet” theme. Look Hollywood, I go to movies to be entertained not have your thumb-sucking, bong-smoking, Birkenstock-wearing , America-hating, chicken little the sky is falling, liberal agenda rammed down my throat. I almost felt like I was watching An Inconvenient Truth II: The Aftermath.

If you haven’t yet wasted your money on this piece of celluloid, consider yourself lucky and consider going to see Get Smart. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give WALL-E a 1.5. The concept was cute and WALL-E has the potential to be loveable, but when the best parts of the movie end up as the trailers and the storyline begins shoving the liberal agenda down the audience’s throat, it’s time to turn around and not walk, but run away. I know Pixar has the potential to do better and this isn’t the first time that Pixar has presented a waste of time move (can you say The Incredibles?). But this movie had so much more potential and no one even scratched the scratch on the scratch on the scratch on the surface. They would have been better off making Toy Story 3: Revenge of the Yo-Yo’s.

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10 comments on Wall-e Fails To Entertain

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By D. E. Carson on July 04, 2008 at 12:41 pm

Well to be brazenly honest, the same people who gave The Incredibles its Oscars also gave two to An Inconvenient Truth (best crock-umentary and best song) Soooo....I don't put much stock in what AMPAS thinks of a movie either.  Both were lame and not up to the entertainment standard set by Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Cars.

Or were you being sarcastic?  It's the Fourth of July and I'm having D.T.s because I can't take huge amounts of fireworks and blow things up because California doesn't believe it's part of the United States of FRIGGIN' America!

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By TCBlair on July 04, 2008 at 02:08 pm

This article is in and of itself proof this movie needed to made not just to entertain but to actually present a truth in an acceptable format.  The world may not be spiraling out of control to the extent WALLe takes it but the fact remains that if we as human beings always seek to simply be entertained and be left in our comfort zones nothing will change and life will not improve; stagnation becomes a way of life.  If you still go to movies just to be entertained and are offended when a message is presented (even if you disagree with it), maybe you pull your head out of the sand.  You don't have to agree with the message to respect the fact that someone is speaking a message and taking action to avoid something he thinks is important to the future of humanity.  Grow up and respect the act.

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By D. E. Carson on July 05, 2008 at 04:08 am

TCB: thanks for throwing me under the bus!  Are you sure you don't want to drive over me one more time just to make sure that you did in fact wrap my butt around the back wheels?

Geez, I have the right to not like WALL-E for the reasons I gave.  It's called an opinion.  I sat through the movie and I did not like it.  It is not the business of Hollywood to cram its liberal political agenda down my throat.  I do not approve of the message being in the movie because this was supposed to be a movie that children could go see and enjoy.  Instead it turned out to be another of the liberal movement's indoctrination propaganda about a topic that has been debunked so many times over that everytime someone mentions Al Gore's name, the whole country suffers a dizzy spell.

I don't have a problem with trying to "Save the Planet". I do have a problem with it being crammed down my throat when I go to the movies.  It was the same problem I had with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  There is a reason Hollywood is called the "ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD".  That reason is because it is supposed to be entertaining not politicing.  I get enough "Save the Planet" crap from television.  I go to a movie to escape for about two hours. I don't need to be reminded of the problems of the world.  I deal with them the remaining 22 hours of the day I go see that movie.

Grow up?  You're telling ME to grow up?  Let me guess, you're probably a 20-something liberal who thinks you're going to change the world by trying to convince conservatives  that they are wrong for standing up for certain traditional values.  You're the one who needs to grow up and realize that 1) liberals have harmed the environment a great deal more than conservatives, 2) liberals are why Americans are paying $4.50/gallon for gasoline, 3) liberals are why older Americans on fixed incomes can't afford to heat their homes in the winter 4) liberals are why America's national electric grid is vulnerable to attack, 5) liberals are why people think they can't live without handouts from the government.

No, you're the one who needs to pull your head out of your ass and wise up.  You just don't like that I bashed on a movie with a stupid message.  You're just a liberal hack with no concept of right and wrong.

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By Sharlene Hardin on July 07, 2008 at 10:23 pm

D.E. one persons trash is another persons treasure and I treasured the movie.  The biggest impression was listening to the reactions of the kids in the theater.  I heard one boy (probably around 8) pointing out the social message to his mother (who clearly was NOT getting it but when she did, you could almost see the light bulb go on right there). 

I understand that some will find it offensive because it does point out a lot of areas of grave concern for our society, but I think it's quite impressive of Pixar to use their voice to raise social awareness especially for our children's sake. 

But for me, Disney movies have been long filled with social relevance since Snow White and the same can be said for every Pixar movie as well.  Maybe not as socially evident as in Wall E, but each and every one of them had a moral to the story that always left an impression on me. 

I'm sorry that the movie left a bad taste in your mouth, but thank you for sharing your opinion. 

AS for you  Hehehe

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By D. E. Carson on July 08, 2008 at 02:18 pm

I'm not opposed to having a message that is a "life-lesson" message such as Cars with the "don't be so wrapped up in yourself" message.  What I am offended by is when movies start pretending to be policitcal venues.  The message behind WALL-E was an extension of the global warming hoax.  If I come away from a movie with a life lesson about how to be a better person that's one thing, but trying to extrapolate a policial agenda is something else entirely.  Hollywood is called "The Entertainment Capital of the World" because its business is entertainment.  If Holly-wierd wants to be the "Political Propaganda Capital of the World" then do that, but don't waste my time and money shoving lies and speculation down my throat like that.

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By D. E. Carson on July 08, 2008 at 02:27 pm

As to the reviewer who called me "closed the movie's message", your point is...?

You don't know me very well and obviously haven't really read any of my articles.  Perhaps a glance or two but I seriously doubt you really read them.  I have no problem with the idea of being more responsible with our planetary resources and not being so cavalier when it comes to what we get rid of (although I can't understand why my garbage weighs more than my groceries).  But when it comes to politicizing something that is supposed to be entertaining and using it as an indocrination tool for a specific political agenda is where I draw the line.  I would have been equally opposed to WALL-E had the movie pushed the idea of corporate greed and total disregard for human life (think Wall Street -- which I didn't like either).  It is my job as a parent to teach my child respect for the earth and it literally makes my blood boil when a bunch of thumb-sucking liberals try to take that right away from me.

As for the Hindenburg analogy -- it fit perfectly so I used it.

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By TCBlair on July 09, 2008 at 04:25 pm

D.E.  sorry it has taken me awhile to respond to your response to my response.

For the record I am not Liberal.  Quite the contrary.  I am as Conservative as it gets.  I didn't agree with the message in the movie.  I don't beleive global warming is going to be the end of world and I don't believe Al Gore is a hero.  My point was not that you should have agreed with the message.  The point of my comment was that you should respect the fact that Liberals are taking a stand.  If we don't like what the Liberals are doing, we need to fight back.  Let's stop sitting back and complaining.  Fight fire with Fire.  Let's take our own stand; not just by writing an article and saying they are wrong but actually coming together the way they are and presenting a unified message.

On the unification front... I have not read any of your articles and I will admit calling you closed minded and telling you to grow up was a snap judgement on my part and not fair to you since I based it on one article.  I was just worked up that day and unfortunately I took the un-grown up route and took it out on someone across the internet that I have never met.  You had every right to be angry about the way I presented my opinion.  I apologize.

But I did enjoy the movie.  I thought it was a good plot, funny characters, etc.  I can appreciate the movie without agreeing with the message. I, differently than you, get pissed off when a movie doesn't have a message in it.  I can't understand why people would spends millions of dollars on something and it not have a message in it.  And I do think you saying it was crammed down your throat is a little stretch.  You did pay for the ticket (at least someone did).  You could have read a review of the plot before seeing the movie.

As for the other points in your response...

1) liberals have harmed the environment a great deal more than conservatives -- come on.  That is way over the top.  Every oil baron I know of is Conservative.  I can't concede this point, man.  I am not saying conservative are destroying the world.  I believe everything is cyclical and has the ability to right itself.  What I am saying is that the only reason you are saying this is because you are conservative, man.  There is not one hard fact to prove that either Liberal or Conservative is harming the environment more than the other.  This is a human issue and shouldn't be used as a diviseive (is that a word?) issue.

2) liberals are why Americans are paying $4.50/gallon for gasoline -- Again, name me a Liberal oil executive.  I assume you say this becuase liberals won't let us drill on our own territory.  That is a point but a weak one at best.  The reason we are paying such a high price is because the conservative oil barons are raising the price due to other countries consuming more and more.  It is supply and demand, man.  It is not liberal vs. conservative on this issue.  And by the way, I hope gas gets to be $ 10 a gallon.  The high price is what is driving innovation right now and innovation is a good thing no matter if you are Liberal or Conservative.  We can't, as humans, depend solely on a resource that is fading away, however slowly.  Alternatives need to be found and the high price is driving that innovation.  Without innovation we are stagnant, and stagnation is nothing more than giving up, rolling over, and dying.

3) liberals are why older Americans on fixed incomes can't afford to heat their homes in the winter -- don't know what you are really getting at with this one so I won't try to debate you on it.

4) liberals are why America's national electric grid is vulnerable to attack -- I agree.  Liberals are the spineless reason any part of our nation is vulnerable to attack.

5) liberals are why people think they can't live without handouts from the government -- AMEN!  I will concede this point all day long.

 Again, I apologize for presenting my argument is such an offensive way.  That was not my true intention.  I hope we can move on still debate the issues in a cooperative, truth seeking way.

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By D. E. Carson on July 10, 2008 at 03:58 pm

TCB: You identified yourself as a conservative, so I know you'll have an open mind when I expound on all of this.

1) Liberals harm the environment.  Okay, maybe you're right on this point.  I, too, was a bit hasty in my response.  BUT every oil baron is a conservative???  Let's just throw that one out before we really start acting wierd.

2) Liberal responsiblity for $4.50/gasoline.  This happens to be true.  Even though Jimmy Carter (the most liberal president to date) signed off on allocating the land in ANWR for oil exploration (near Prudohe Bay) it was Bill Clinton to vetoed the legislation in 1998 that would have begun the process.  It has also been liberals who have seen to it that we don't wean America off of foreign oil by listening to crack-pot eco-morons say that drilling for oil in America is bad for the environment.  You are aware that Mexico and Cuba are both drilling for oil off the coast of America, right?  Mexico even barrels oil and sells it back to us!  AND IT'S OUR OWN OIL TO BEGIN WITH!  The supply and demand thing can still be traced back to liberals denying oil companies the permission to drill for our own oil and making us rely on the same supply as other nations.  Why can't America drill its own oil and CONCURRENTLY develop new alternatives to oil?  We don't need oil companies developing alternatives oil -- we need new inovators to come forward and do that for us.  The way it's supposed to be done.  That's what the American free enterprise system is all about.  These alternative can be developed now.  We went from zero to the moon in eight years, why can't we do the same on this idea?  I'm all for innovation.  It's the basis of America -- it's our soul!

3) Liberals responsible for fixed income issues.  During the Johnson Administration, the Social Security trust was taken from its secure place in the federal budget and moved into the general fund where the money was then able to be used for anything.  Then liberals began spending that money like drunken sailors (no offense to the fine members of the United States Navy).  That meant less and less was available to those living on fixed incomes.  Additionally, going back to my #2 point, because exploration has been all but completely shut down in America, the source of the gasoline in your car is the same as the products used to heat homes in some places.  Those who have electric heat get their electricity from coal plants which eco-morons oppose because they think, erroneously, that coal has to produce filthy black soot and cause heavy smog situations so they oppose that as well.  They also oppose nuclear power -- another acceptable source of electricity.  So, liberals have forced people to pay for electricity from out dated coal plants or oil purchased from somewhere else.  That's how liberals keep people living on fixed incomes from being able to afford heat in the winter.

4) Glad you see that one.  My points #2 and #3 in this response further support of that statement.  Liberals whine and cry about civil rights when we have an enemy that wants to kill all of us.  America is vulnerable to attack again.  I challenge anyone to find me five people whose civil rights have been violated since 9/11.

5) Glad to see we agree here too.  America was never intended to be a welfare state.  People came here to do better than they had in Europe (and everywhere else they came after that).  America isn't perfect.  It can't be.  But it has a noble mission in this world and it needs to be kept on that course.  Free enterprise is the key to that mission as is limited government.  Ronald Reagan said it best when he said, "the most frightening 11 words in the English language are, 'I'm from the federal government and I'm here to help you'."  When asked what he wanted to be remembered as his legacy, Reagan also said, "That I gave the government back to the people."

Finally, I will offer my apologies to you as well for calling you a "liberal hack" among other things.   As I said, I, too, was a bit upset and I went down the same road you did.


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By TCBlair on July 11, 2008 at 08:38 pm

DEC, I was thoroughly embarassed at my reaction so I genuinely appreciate your acceptance of my apology.

1) Okay, maybe not EVERY one of them is conservative.  I am willing to throw it out...

2)  Mr. O is going to take that mantel from Carter in November. I don't really mind, right now, about drilling in ANWR.  There is so much oil else where that ANWR isn't the real problem.  But when environmentalism wins every argument is when I start to have a problem.  Look, we should absolutely protect the environment but we also need to be realistic.  I read, and I wish I could find it again, that Katrina released more green house gases into the atmosphere than we will for the next ten years when it wiped out all those trees.  The planet and fate have a much bigger role to play than we do in the grand scheme of things.  I think I am rambling...  Back to the discussion, I did not realize foreigners were drilling off our coast.  How is that even acceptable and not being broadcast?  Also, why isn't our government doing something about it?  The supply demand thing is stretching further than our shores.  India is civilizing itself.  Brazil is turning into a decent country.  Russia is trying some kind of democratic socialistic USSR thing.  And of course the scary bear across the ocean, China.  So many more countries are getting addicted to oil that even if we started drilling and building refineries, we may be too little too late.  We don't have enough drills to drill the sea of oil at our disposal and even if we did we don't have the ability to refine it in a timely manner.  Not that it wouldn't make a difference and that we shouldn't do it.  We should start drilling and building refineries yesterday.  But in the grand scheme, if we do drill our oil AND innovation STOPS, we will be in the same boat 10, 12, 15 years down the road.  I hope for both, as you do.

3) I am believing more and more the oil companies are funding the opposition to alternatives.  What the hell is wrong with nuclear? Sure it is dangerous, but is it really more dangerous than the huge oil refineries or a natural gas refinery?

4) I believe there should be a balance of things and therefore liberals are an evil necessity to our good usefulness.  But if they keep making us weak, I am all for using them as a human shield on the next front line in whatever country we decide to blow up.  I for one would sleep better.

5) I have a liberal friend in Colorado (surprised he is in Colorado?) who actually went on a 30 minute tirade of how the government needs to cut back some of its welfare programs.  Shocked the hell out of me.  But it is getting to the point where even liberals are going to find it hard to support welfare.  If welfare was better managed and watched, I would sort of have this sympathetic feeling towards it, but the fact that it isn't and so many people take advantage of it makes my heart cold towards it.  Besides the fact that it is a drain on all of us; that good citizens pay to have bad citizens live essentially for free.

Anyway, the only thing you said that me cry myself to sleep was that I was a liberal hack.  But I have my big boy pants on today.  I accept your apology but I think I deserved it.


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By CCNY on September 07, 2008 at 12:15 am


I saw WALL-E with my 2 sons, 7 and 10, and I loved it!  It reminded me of a Chaplin or Keaton film, with its long stretches of welcome silence.  Sometimes, a movie's not-so-hidden agenda does rankle a viewer, but I just let some movies wash over me, and this was one of those times.  For me, the entertainment trumped the message, which was a bit heavy-handed, now that I think of it.

Last thing: what was not to love about The Incredibles?!?


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