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What's Good For The

by Lakwyia (writer), rock hill, sc, July 03, 2008

Do we really take our morals seriously?

I know we are living in a different century with different generations and changes but does the world still value their morals seriously? For instance, a long time ago when a woman became pregnant out of wedlock, people would look at her differently. Sometimes bad names were called as well as other unreasonable situations. But let's put a man in a woman's place. A man could get a woman pregnant out of wedlock ,have multiple children with women or have multiple women itself. Does he get any form of malice or recognition? No, not in a million lifetimes. Right now let's look at Brad Pitt. Yes, we all know he's rich with the power of doing whatever he wants. However, he still is not married to Angelina but they are having all of these babies as well as living together. That is really a no-no in god's book. I mean what will the children eventually think in the long run about their parents shacking and having babies without marriage? That is why we have to stop the cycle because it becomes a trend in each generation. There is alot of famous people that is just living together or living together with children. Hey, it's like this, whatever floats your boat or make your ship rock, do it. I feel if it's good for the "Brad" then let it be good for the bad too. Who cares what anyone think, right?

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