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Pretty In Stereo: "pretty Good...for Girls"

by Gary Schwind (writer), Laguna Niguel, July 01, 2008

The members of LA/OC band Pretty in Stereo discuss how people underestimate them because they are part of an all-female band.

Pretty in Stereo is a four-piece rock band from Orange County, California. The band has had its songs featured in television shows such as: Rollergirls (A&E), Laguna Beach (MTV) and a documentary about American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell on TV Guide channel. Before a show at OC Tavern in San Clemente, Cassie, Erin, Jodi, and Natalie discussed the origins of the band, how people underestimate Pretty in Stereo, and helping each other out in times of need.

How did Pretty in Stereo come together?

(Natalie) Erin and I met from playing together a long time ago. We met Cassie through Myspace and Jodi from Craigslist, kind of an online venture. Craigslist is an awesome resource for anything and everything.

On your Myspace, you mention meeting different producers. What do you take from meeting with producers?

(Natalie) That they see our vision, and that they’ve got something to back themselves up with. If we trust them with a song of ours, we know they have a track record where they’ve actually done something with songs that made it big or were a semi-hit.

You mention you’ve had songs on televisions shows. Of the songs on television and the other recognitions you’ve received, what’s the most gratifying?

(Natalie) I think it’s really cool when a hard-working band that doesn’t usually get paid to play, to actually get paid to hear your song on TV, that’s a cool feeling. “Hey, we actually made some money doing what we love.”

That’s always a nice thing. How do people underestimate Pretty in Stereo?

(Cassie) By our cup size.

(Erin) I was gonna say the same thing!

(Natalie) A lot of times we’ve set up and we’ve heard people murmur, “Oh, it’s a girl band. It’s gonna suck.”

(Cassie) People expect female musicians to suck. I’m sorry, that’s just the truth. We get underestimated a lot, but usually after we play and they watch what we have to offer, they’re sorry.

(Jodi) “You’re pretty good…for girls.” That’s my favorite.

That’s pretty complimentary.

(Cassie) How about, we’re just pretty good?

What do you think they’re expecting?

(Natalie) No offense to the lesbian community, but they’re expecting us to be gay. They’re expecting us to be really loud and sing songs about hating men, and not be able to tune our instruments. I swear to God.

(Erin) Or they expect us to care more about our clothes.

(Cassie) They either want high heels and short skirts, or wife beaters and Dickies.

(Jodi) And just to let you know, it just kind of came together. We didn’t have an official girl band listing. Me and Natalie found each other and she already had a female bass player. We replaced her with Cassie, then Erin came along and she’s got a vagi-gi too. [laughter]

(Cassie) Not that we checked. We just take her word on it.

(Jodi) We get a lot of questions like, “What’s it like to be in a girl band?”

I think that’s a really interesting dynamic after so many all-female bands have come along and had pretty decent success.

(Cassie) We get asked all the time, “What’s it like to be in a girl band?” We don’t know how to answer that because we’re girls. No matter what band we’re in, were the girls in the band. I can be in a band with all guys and I’m still the female in that band. I think it’s weirder for other people than it is for us. For us, it just feels organic. It’s just what we do. We don’t think, “Oh my God! We can share underwear and bras.” It’s not like that. We’re just like any other guy band, or band of pirates.

(Natalie) Amazingly, we have less drama than most of the guy bands we know.

(Jodi) Clubs always want to book girl bands together.

(Cassie) Oh, you’re a girl band. We’ll put you on girl band night.

This is the last question. I don’t want to make it like an interrogation.

(Cassie) Interrogate us. Come on, it’s fun.

(Natalie) We have our own questions we want to ask ourselves.

Do they involve shower scenes and swapping underwear?

(Cassie) It will, very shortly. [To Natalie] Speaking of which, do you have a tampon I can borrow?

(Natalie) That’s the good thing about girl bands. We’re always prepared to help each other out when we need it.

(Jodi) Sometimes we all sync up together.

[The band members discuss how practice is canceled when this happens.]

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

(Cassie) Wow!

(Erin) Natalie would be roller derbying.

(Natalie) I can’t imagine myself not doing music, but I would be doing roller derby. That’s what I was doing for a while.

With the RollerGirls?

(Natalie) Orange County RollerGirls.

(Cassie) She broke her ankle two years ago and said, “No más.” We had to play a show with her foot propped up.

(Erin) If I weren’t making music, I’d be a roadie.

(Cassie) I’d be baking pies and sewing.

(Natalie) Aside from roller derby, I would want to open a recording studio, and record and manage bands.

(Cassie) Have you worked with bands? They’re a pain in the ass. Especially in the studio. What would you be doing, Jodi? You’ve been doing this longer than any of us. You started when you were, what, thirteen?

(Erin) That’s how long I’ve been playing.

(Jodi) Even before I could play the drums, I was the five-year-old listening to AC/DC. Seriously. I had AC/DC records at five, six years old. I think the first band that really got me going was ABBA. [sings a few bars of Dancing Queen] Then Bon Scott came along. Hopefully, God would have given me some other talent. Drums is the only thing I’m good at.

(Erin) I think I’d do Guitar Hero every day for the rest of my life.

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By Gary Schwind on July 02, 2008 at 08:13 pm

I can neither confirm nor deny the symbol Jodi is flashing. As for being my assistant...that's a brilliant idea.

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