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Sports And The Stories They Write

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., July 01, 2008

We often look to sports not realizing that were in fact looking towards the books we spoil our imaginations with. The truth is however, that we in fact drive ourselves toward the same thing which some of us rather not bother to indulge ourselves with. Like in the books and stories, which we read, a sport within itself contains all the rudiments of an ordinary tale. The realization of this hidden truth may be hard to see or admit to initially, given that both are substantially different in the ways they process. However, as you will see this could not be further than the truth.


In the game of sports competition there are always players who carry with them each their own story, just as those of characters within a book, creating within them the type of player they are going to portray. From this point the story can now begin to write itself, and the beginning of the game emerges, starting with the fans meeting their hometown heroes, whom could also be perceived as the protagonist. When it pertains to the opponent fans can come to acknowledging them as the antagonist. Given that now we have our characters in the game, we now can witness the story (game) unfold before us.

Once the game has started, the introduction to the conflict begins. The conflict in the case of sports is the fight against the opposition in order to obtain victory on the scoreboard, by scoring the most points. This back and forth competition, both physically and mentally, and the fight for competitive domination slowly elevates us up the hill of our rising action and onward towards our climax. It is at the point which we have finally reached our climatic moment in the game, that the hometown hero’s (protagonist) must face the moment of either winning or losing. Either they execute the perfect play or play’s in order to obtain victory, or falter and come face to face with defeat. From this result in the game, the hometown players (Protagonist) chose to deal with the new revelation of victory or defeat, by either celebrating with their teammates and fans, or instead lowering their heads in and tipping their hats down towards ground in sheer disappointment, and with this we witness our falling action of this story. From this outcome the players will try to learn from their result, with hopes that it will help them better prepare themselves for their next opposition.

From simply realizing the similarities sports has with stories we read, it then changes some of our perceptions on how we view it, for no longer do we just see a game, but in instead we catch sight of the masterpiece which is blooming below. That is what makes it beautiful to witness. 



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