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The Levee Is About To Break

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 17, 2006


Remember back before the election I made mention that illegal immigrants were going to start pouring over the border like floodwaters over a New Orleans levee? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first breech of the American International border with Mexico.

This is an artist’s rendition of a stretch of what will be known as TTC-35. This superhighway is in the works right now by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) known as the “Trans-Texas Corridor.” It is slated to parallel the existing Interstate 35, which currently runs from the US/Mexico border at Laredo, Texas north through Dallas/Fort Worth and crosses the Red River into Oklahoma. The image depicts the plan for TTC-35 as a six-lane superhighway that carries automobiles with the addition of four separate lanes intended to carry large OTR trucks. Right of way is also given to allow major utility services to parallel the TTC. Finally, the TTC also includes a railroad system that will carry large amounts of product from seaports to customs stations.


TTC-35 is part of a larger plan known as the NASCO Corridor. The North American Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO) is designed to allow cheap goods to be landed at the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Mexico, then placed on trucks or railcars and shipped, non-stop, to a MEXICAN GOVERNMENT OWNED AND OPERATED SMARTPORT IN KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI!!! These trucks will not have to stop at the Rio Grande for US Customs inspection. They will blow right on over the river into Texas not stopping until they reach a SmartPort in Kansas City. At that time, they will be subject to inspection by MEXICAN CUSTOMS where the United States will have ABSOLUTELY NO JURISDICTION WHATSOEVER. Those shipping containers will then be allowed to leave the SmartPort and continue their journey, unrestricted throughout the United States! Those that stay on the NASCO Corridor will then follow I-29 and I-94 to Winnipeg, Canada and Duluth, Minnesota respectively.

Have I lost you yet? Just wait, it gets better…

Because these trucks and trains will run from Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico to Kansas City, Missouri unchecked by American Customs Inspectors, there is no way to guarantee that a truck running that corridor won’t stop somewhere along the way and pick up a load of people and smuggle them into the United States. And since the truck stop at a SmartPort owned and operated by the Mexican Government, there will be absolutely no way to stop the trafficking of illegal aliens into the country through Mexico. And, since the government of Mexico doesn’t seem to care about what happens to those entering the United States illegally, there’s not a single thing anyone from Mexico will do about it.

This is not some Republican “scare” tactic. This has been going on since 1994 (and the name of the president in 1994 just escapes me) and frankly, it is just as much the Republicans’ fault as it is the Democrats’! The NASCO Corridor is just one more aspect of NAFTA that is being shoved down our throats. Who remembers when in 1992, H. Ross Perot stood up during a presidential debate and said of NAFTA, “You’ll hear a giant sucking sound coming out of Mexico as all of the jobs here in the United States head south.” If the NASCO Corridor is built, American jobs will be in jeopardy. Remember the Dubai Ports screw up? That was one thing about which I just ripped George W. a new one. Thank God that didn’t happen. Problem is, it is about to happen again. If the NASCO Corridor is completed, you will see a similar problem as shipments of overseas goods land in Lázaro Cárdenas and it will be Mexican port workers who get to unload those ships and American longshoremen will be sitting on their cans because there will be nothing for them to do but pitch pennies off the end of the Long Beach and Los Angeles piers!

Then let’s consider the safety rating of 18-wheelers from Mexico, crossing into the United States, unchecked and untouchable by our own law enforcement. According to the NASCO website (look it up yourself. I’m not passing around that pile of garbage) the trucking lanes will be off limits to the American customs officials and American law enforcement because they will technically be driving on Mexican soil until they reach the SmartPort in Kansas City (also owned, operated and a part of the Mexican Government). Suppose one of those trucks happens to be leaking fuel and somehow catches fire. The fire won’t care if it is on Mexican territory and that by jumping the k-rail it will be in America. It will just start burning across Texas or Oklahoma or Kansas and Mexico won’t care thing one about it.

Mexico doesn’t have the DOT regulations America has and those drivers will not have to adhere to such regulations as 8-hours off for every 8 hours on the road. You’ll have exhausted drivers pushing 10 tons of steel at whatever speed they can get away with. When those trucks careen out of control it is the epitome of a bull in a China shop. Once one of those trucks gets loose, anything in its way is doomed. You really want to explain to a young husband that his new bride was just unrecognizably slaughtered by a Mexican truck driver who hasn’t slept in 18 hours, was driving without a license (or insurance recognized in the United States), driving a truck that hadn’t been serviced or inspected in 23 months and there is not one damn thing he can do about it? How about telling a young couple that their baby has been permanently disfigured and will never be able to walk for feed himself for the rest of his life because a Mexican truck driver was blinded by a blood alcohol limit five times the legal limit and they have to foot the entire bill for their child’s care with no hope of ever getting anything out of Mexico. This is the kind of thing we Americans can expect to have happening on our highways if the NASCO Corridor is allowed to come to fruition.

I’m not picking on Mexico because I’m racist. The NASCO Corridor BEGINS in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico and ENDS in Canada. Just which nation do you think is going to benefit the most from NASCO? Besides, I’m a realist. It doesn’t take a degree in astrophysics (just good old-fashioned common sense, which seems to be greatly lacking in America today, right Nancy?) to see what can happen if the NASCO Corridor is constructed. NAFTA and NASCO are the beginning of the end for the United States as a sovereign nation. Perot knew of what he spoke fourteen years ago and his prophecy is coming true.

If you think that what I’ve written here can’t happen in America, I hope to God you’re right because otherwise, Australia is starting to look real appealing right about now…

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