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Another Satisfied Customer

by D. E. Carson (writer), , June 19, 2008

Well, maybe not…

It took long enough and a trip to another website where people meet and discuss the topics of the day but I have finally pushed a liberal to reveal her true nature. When a liberal finds him or herself staring straight into the unvarnished and irrefutable truth, the result is a response much like the following which will be laden with profanity and name-calling. This person took it upon herself to “cop a ‘tude” and proceed to tell me all about myself. Of course, what posts such as the following reveal is that this is a person who is seriously lacking in any kind of education or other social graces. The only editing I did to this message is the use of “f****r” and “s**t” in place of the real words. Other than that, the following is reproduced exactly as it was presented to me – poor grammar, misspellings and all.

All I have to say to you is that you must be fat rich ass white man that only care about himself. I'm just a black woman trying to make it in your world that you have created. I don't get people like you at all. You have everything handed to you. Yet you complain on why people want that mother f****r out of office. Do you not see what is going on around you? Do not see people unable to pay their bills? Do you not see people losing their homes and jobs? Do you not see people not able to visit the doctor because they are afraid of how much it will cost them and their family's? Do you not care? Of course you don't! Think before You Send Me Dumm Ass Comments About Me Being A Nasi. You Fat Ass Rich Ass White Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!! If you are Black then thats really sad. Because you already should know the deal ok . So don't send me s**t Nomore I wish not to corraspond with you any longer.

After I read that message, I spent several days composing a response. Needless to say, I haven’t posted a response to this person yet, but I do intend to respond.

You see, I love it when an ignorant, government-educated oaf tries to tell me that I’m wrong, that I care only about myself and that I certainly must be a “fat rich ass white man” because I happen to know that liberals are wrong when it comes to the topic of government entitlements – especially government-run health care. It is even more sad that this person even considers that I might actually be a black man who doesn’t “know the deal.” Among my many draft responses to this person I asked exactly to what deal she was referring. I then pointed out that what was truly sad was that she is a professed black woman perpetuating a stereotype that 1) Martin Luther King, Jr., fought to diminish and 2) that far too many blacks continue to perpetuate at their own expense.

I do not know this person but from the sounds of the message, I don’t think I would like to waste my time. She is a hopeless cause and all I can do is pray for her. I don’t hold any personal grudges against her because she doesn’t know me to make the comments she does. If I were asked to guess as to the kind of person she is, my initial reaction would be that she is a Michelle Obama-type who thinks America is a downright mean country, lives in a place like South-Central Los Angeles. She attends a church much like Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago pastored by a left-wing radical like Jeremiah Wright or Michael Pfleger who spews white-hating, racist filth from the pulpit on a weekly basis. She is probably a morbidly obese individual with no less than five children from different fathers, three of whom are probably in prison for murder or some other major felonious criminal act. At the same time, making assumptions about this person makes me no better than her for leveling similar assumptions about me.

No. I pretty much know what I want to say to this person, I just haven’t managed to figure out exactly how I want to say it. My current draft is about two and a half pages long. I know that some things I want to say include, “take your thumb out of your mouth, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.” But again, some of what I said in my most recent draft makes assumptions about my new-found nemesis.

Of course there is the last thing she said to me in the message: “So don't send me s**t Nomore I wish not to corraspond with you any longer.” There is a very good chance that if I choose to send any kind of response that it will disappear into the ether and this very mean liberal sympathizer will never see it and subsequently will never benefit from having attempted to tangle with me. Actually, I don’t really care if she reads my response or not. It makes me feel better knowing that I attempted to educate her and that her lack of reception of my attempt is her own fault – not mine.

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