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When Did Truth Become A Four Letter Word

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, May 30, 2008

Scott McClellan wrote a book about what we already knew. So why the anger? Did it reveal the coward in all of us,that let things get this far? It made me take a look at my own apathy.

Bullshit in Washington still stinks. Well is this new book “What Happened” by Scott McClellan. Is not anything we and journalist (if there are any left) don’t know. This book is just skimming the surface and yet the White House pretends to be so distraught. It is all so bogus.

He was called a coward and yes maybe, but is he any worse than the rest of us? How many other news agencies had this same info and kept quiet, for fear of corporate /gov’t retribution.

Well anyone who has been in corporate America, knows just how things are done. Truth is on the down low. Words are used to shade truth, even by presidents we like. We will be voting for cowards in the fall? Why because those who dare to stand up are told, you’re not wanted.

Are you willing to stand up and tell the truth at your workplace? Especially in these times of economic uncertainty. And maybe lose your job, I think not.

It seems we are all cowards. When was the last time you wrote your congress person and really told them what you think? I can’t say I remember either.

Maybe it is about time we tell these people, if they want to be real leaders, they have to be first real human beings and look for ways to communicate and cohabit peacefully with others human and non humans on our, oh so fragile planet.

And yes maybe it takes a bit of an ego maniac to be a leader. Which is fine as long as we don’t let them forget, they are also human beings.

Can our leaders think differently? Only if we demand they think of new ways to act. But we have to be willing to act differently in our public and private lives.

Countries, states, cities are just people as are governments. Somehow we have lost the human factor in these things. I don’t just mean Americans or any other country. It is individuals, all of us that seem to have lost sight of the fact “ we made all this up.” If we created this mindset of fear, we can uncreate the same thinking.

So maybe Scott McClellan did more than he knows by writing this book. He exposed the fact we live in fear, not the fear of terrorism. It is more of the fear of telling the truth (as we see it) or at least being brave enough to “Question Authority” and see what happens.

Are you afraid of those who are afraid, and hold on so tightly to the power we allowed them to wield. Are we willing to ask our candidates some hard questions and not let them do the “side step dance.”

Are our journalists going to again be the Watchdogs for the people or just Lapdogs for gov’t/corporate entities?

Be willing to ask the questions of your own behavior of not speaking up.

It is said by those who promote war and violence that it is not practical on a large scale to” win over hate with kindness and love,” “And if what is meant by practical, is that it is not easy, than that is correct.”* If we can do this on an individual scale than we can do this on an international one.

Did I run a little far afield? I don’t think so, it is still all about telling the truth and it all starts with us. Thank you Mr. McClellan, (whatever your reasons) and if you keep it up you may actually be a journalist again.

*Quote "What The Buddha Taught-Walpola Rahula

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6 comments on When Did Truth Become A Four Letter Word

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By Lady D on May 30, 2008 at 10:48 pm

The article wasn't really about the book. It was more about how the (all 0urs) BS is just piled to high and  well... It is not working well for anyone. Just an opinion. 

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By D. E. Carson on May 31, 2008 at 12:19 am

Several things about McClellen's book that disturbs me.  His preface says that his editor asked him to "tweak" the book.  Also, last year he promised Bill O'Reilly he would appear on the O'Reilly Factor to promote the book.  Now he's backed out of that commitment and is now hitting every left-wing talk show (all two of them) to promote his book.  Plus, I wouldn't believe anything Oprah said about the book.  Hell I wouldn't trust "Dope-rah" if she told me the world is round and sun comes up in the east.

Now, as for your article: you're right about how the BS is just getting deeper and deeper.  You're also right about how people are afraid to say the truth for fear of losing everything because right now, we are living in a time where people cannot afford to lose their job because if they do, it dominoes and before they know it, they've lost their house and everything else.

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By Batman on May 31, 2008 at 04:04 am

It's all about perception at this point. Personally, I like El G's comments about Scott McClellan, as well as  D.E's. You have to really decide, who to believe, and when to believe it.

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By Lila M. on May 31, 2008 at 04:24 am

McClellan obviously had another motive besides just wanting to tell the truth, whether it be money, fame, fortune, or whatever….he pretty much outted something we already knew. 

And yes, it’s true that some of us rant and rave about our governments shortcomings and not doing anything about it…but I don’t think it’s entirely because we are all cowards, but rather, many of us feel it does not help or it does not reach them.  It is a scream or cry for help that has been voiced many times but so often unheard or ignored.  I think a lot of people have given up or are just plain over it.   Which is not a good position to take, but it’s what’s happening.  I think voting in Fall is really all we have at this point.

But on the other hand Lady D, you do make a lot of great points including anyone who has been in corporate America, knows just how things are done. Truth is on the down low. Words are used to shade truth”.  

I agree with you on this point.   For someone who has worked in Corporate America, this is an everyday norm….fear of being ostracized.  There is an 'unwritten law' that things are just kept on the DL or swept under the rug.  And if you are the person who brings those “things” up, then you are labeled as not a team player, or a troublemaker, shunned with the proverbial Scarlet letter for them to permanently keep a watchful eye on you.   

So yes, the fear exists, but I don’t think that’s the reason why McClellan kept his mouth shut or came out with it now.   I think for him, it was because well…he really wanted to write a book that he knew would sell.

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By Lady D on May 31, 2008 at 10:30 am

Apprently the book is a non issue, as is any mention of the book or that rendering the truth inert is par for the course in corporate/gov't.

It just made think, what the hell are we doing.

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By Lady D on May 31, 2008 at 08:35 pm

El G

Apperently the media dismissed it as fast as it was reported.  Lies, hate, fear just don't seem to getting us humans a better world

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